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The Gateway Learning Community

The Gateway Learning Community

All Different: All Equal
Together, Improving Upon Our Best

Tutor Information

PAD groups are established from years 7 to 11 at the Gateway Academy. These PAD sessions are held for 30 minutes every morning and include a weekly assembly, as well as activities focusing on PSHE (Personal, Social, and Health Education), Safeguarding, mental health and well-being, reading, and career development.

Year 7 Tutors

Progress Lead: Ms L Bruce:

Year 7 Coach: Ms P Livingston:

7A: Ms Abby Clarke Irons
7B: Ms Harleen Kaur
7C: Ms Zayna Amin
7D: Ms Ekua Akumanyi
7E: Ms Kelsey Coombs
7F: Ms Andrada Rus
7G: Ms Alison Earp
7H: Ms Jessica Heavey

Year 8 Tutors

Progress Lead: Mr M Scott: 

Lead Coach: Ms L Uren:

8A: Ms Michaela Moon
8B: Mr Jamie White
8C: Ms Jessica Bruce
8D: Ms Bisola Olufemi
8E: Ms Louise Rowe
8F: Ms Jo Curran
8G: Ms Lelanie Louw
8H: Ms Frederique Bouretaa

Year 9 Tutors

Progress Lead: Ms B Mead:

Lead Coach: Ms L Smith:

9A: Mr Joe Williams/ Ms Ateka Daud
9B: Ms Jessica Cassettari
9C: Ms Danielle Robertson
9D: Ms Abby Connor
9E: Ms Rachel Reynolds
9F: Mr Michael Prince
9G: Ms Natasha Gazzard
9H: Mr Paul Morris

Year 10 Tutors

Progress Lead: Ms A Shannon:

Lead Coach: Ms L Acton:

10A: Ms Rea Payne
10B: Ms Amy Edwards
10D: Mr Nathan Jones
10E: Ms Frederique Bouretta
10F: Mr Billy Lovelock/ Mr Tarun Dhedli
10G: Ms Najima Ullah
10H: Ms Rhiannon Thomas/Olu Jaiyeoba

Year 11 Tutors

Progress Lead: Ms A Dixon: 

Lead Coach: Ms M Davis:

11B: Ms Jolene McManus
11C: Mr Alex Mitchell
11D: Ms Safa Ali
11E: Ms Lisa Kelly
11F: Ms Charlotte Smith
11G: Ms Sarah Shaw
11H: Ms Sue Balmer
11I: Ms Kim Hardey
11J: Mr Dan Bedford
11K: Ms Jodie Lee

If you have any problems making contact via this method, please email and the administration team will pass your query on for you.