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The Gateway Learning Community

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Tips to Support at Home

At the Gateway Academy, we understand the pivotal role parents and carers play in nurturing a love for reading in their children. Engaging with your child's reading journey is a wonderful way to foster a lifelong appreciation for literature. Here are some tips and strategies to support your child’s reading development:

1. Establish a Reading Routine:

Encourage a consistent reading schedule at home. Set aside a specific time each day for reading, whether it's before bedtime or during a quiet part of the day. Consistency helps build the habit of reading.

2. Lead by Example:

Demonstrate the importance of reading by being a reading role model. Let your child see you enjoy books, magazines, or newspapers. Show enthusiasm about the stories you read and share your own reading experiences.

3. Create a Reading-Friendly Environment:

Designate a cosy reading corner or space at home. Provide a variety of reading materials, such as age-appropriate books, comics, magazines, or e-books, to cater to your child's interests.

4. Engage in Discussions:

Discuss the books your child is reading. Ask open-ended questions about the characters, plot, and their favourite parts. Encourage them to express their opinions and predictions about the story. You will get regular updates from the school on what your child is reading- discuss this with them.

5. Visit Libraries and Book Stores:

Take regular trips to the library or book stores. Allow your child to choose books that captivate their interest. Many libraries also host reading events and workshops that can further engage your child in reading.

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