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The Gateway Learning Community

The Gateway Learning Community

All Different: All Equal
Together, Improving Upon Our Best

Student Support Form

We understand that every studentis unique. They learn in different ways, have various interests and strengths, and may have different needs at different times. Our pastoral strategy is designed to help each pupil discover their specific talents and provide tailored support as and when it's required.

We employ a highly personalised approach to meeting the academic, physical, and emotional needs of each student.

If you need support of any kind, whether it's academic, emotional, or related to something outside of school that may be causing concern, don't hesitate to reach out. You may simply be struggling to express your current feelings.

Please complete the form below, and your lead coach will contact you to discuss and implement tailored support for your specific needs.

If you need to report a concern or something more serious, then please get in touch by emailing:         

Year Group
Progress Leader

If you don't know, just write 'don't know' and a member of staff will pick you up for a chat

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