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The Gateway Learning Community

The Gateway Learning Community

All Different: All Equal
Together, Improving Upon Our Best

Student Leadership

Leadership at all Levels

Students at The Gateway Academy we value the thoughts and opinions of our student body and all  are encouraged to take part in different areas of leadership within the Academy

Head Students

Our Head students consist of Year 11 students who manage and direct the rest of the Student Leadership Team.  They not only feedback to the Senior Leadership Team about issues facing the students, but are expected to support the staff in maintaining high standards of behaviour and contribute to the daily activities and life of the academy.

Student leadership Team

Students from all year groups can apply to become part of our wider student leadership team.  These students will become ambassadors of The Academy values and work not only within the academy but within the wider community. 

There are 3 areas which they could lead on, these are:

Compassion: These students will focus on the pastoral elements of school life including personal development of students.  They work with progress leaders to support in the delivery of key topics and events such as (but not limited to); antibullying, culture and diversity, mental health and equality.  They are involved in fund raising and work within the wider community.  

Aspiration: This team will be responsible for helping students to develop their aspirations by promoting a love of learning and getting peers to focus on their next steps after The Gateway Academy.  They help to promote; careers, further education, apprenticeships and work with groups of students to help them understand how to achieve their goals.


Resilience: This team are the mentors who work with students to help them build academic resilience.  They may support with a particular subject or support a student who is facing barriers to their own learning and needs someone to one support.

Mental Health Ambassadors

These students support the mental health of our students in 2 different ways.  Firstly, they work one to one as peer mentors and support those students who may suffer from a variety of different needs.  They also contribute to whole school mental health promotion, planning and organising events such as Mental Health Promotion Week.

Equality Ambassadors

This team work to ensure that the views and opinions of our diverse students’ body are represented in all areas of academy life.  They plan and organise events such as Black History Month and Culture Day.

LGBTQ+ Ambassadors

This team work to ensure all students rights and needs are met within The Gateway Academy.  They plan and organise events for Pride Month and have contributed to the training of staff in how to support the needs of the LGBTQ+ community.

Student Voice

Our student leadership team are the driving force for our student voice.  They collect the views and opinions from the following groups:

  • SEND
  • LGBTQ+
  • Equality Ambassadors
  • Mental Health Ambassadors
  • Violence and Women and Girls
  • Wider student body

These views are then developed into an action plan and presented to the Gateway Academy Senior Leadership Team.