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Steer Tracking



At the Gateway Academy, we support students using software known as Steer. 

What is Steer Tracking?

- STEER Tracking is an online social-emotional assessment and tracking tool.
- All students (aged 8-18) complete it twice each academic year.
- STEER Tracking makes the student voice visible, enabling staff to step into the shoes of each learner.

What does STEER track?

- There are four factors crucial for healthy social-emotional development and academic progress: Self-Disclosure, Trust of Self, Trust of Others, and Seeking Change.
- Fluctuations in one or more of these four factors may serve as early indicators of future hidden social-emotional risks, guiding staff toward proactive, targeted pastoral support.
- Tracking a student’s social-emotional development over time builds a developmental narrative, quantifying our school’s sustained pastoral value added for each learner.

How we use it to support students

- It places the learner's voice at the heart of Behaviour and Attitudes, recognising that understanding how each learner thinks is essential to improving behaviours and attitudes.
- It raises staff awareness of learners who may be at risk of bullying, even though their risks may not be explicit or voiced.
- It guides staff in understanding how biases shape actions, reactions, and interactions, especially for learners at risk of exclusion.
- It broadens the focus from what a learner is achieving to incorporate who a learner is becoming.
- It places quantifiable personal development tracking data alongside academic tracking data, providing an integrated, holistic learner profile.
- It identifies adverse fluctuations in a learner’s personal development, highlighting future risks before they become manifest.
- It guides staff in giving the right challenge and support to the right learner at the right time and in the right way, while also evidencing its impact.
- It informs staff in identifying the most vulnerable learners, ensuring proactive, precise interactions and interventions.
- It directs intentional, precise strategies to mitigate inequality and provides evidence for key performance indicators for vulnerable cohorts.

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