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Sports Kit

Expectation for Kit 

Students are required to have the appropriate kit for each lesson, which is essential to ensure their readiness for participation in the specific sport of the day. The kit requirements are outlined in the table below, and any new kit needed can be conveniently purchased directly from

Essential Optional Essential Optional
GA Sports Top GA Rain Jacket GA Sports Top GA Rain Jacket
GA Rugby Top GA Sports Bag GA Shorts/ Sports Leggings GA Sports Bag
GA Shorts GA 1/4 Zip Jumper White sports socks GA 1/4 Zip Jumper
White sports socks GA Tracksuit Bottoms Trainers GA Tracksuit Bottoms
Black Football Socks Gum Shield   Gum Shield
Trainers     Black Football Socks  (if your child plays football/rugby)
Football Boots (moulded studs)     Football Boots (moulded studs) (if your child plays football/rugby)

In the event that students are injured and unable to actively participate, they are still expected to bring their kit with them, provided they are capable of changing into it. This requirement is in place to allow them to contribute to the lesson in an alternative capacity, such as taking on the role of a coach or an official.