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The Gateway Learning Community

The Gateway Learning Community

All Different: All Equal
Together, Improving Upon Our Best

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

SEND in The Gateway Learning Community

The GLC believes that all staff are integral to supporting our learners with SEND so that the highest outcomes can be achieved. The ethos is that whole school SEND provision is the responsibility of all. This is encapsulated by the phrase in the Code of Practice (2014):

"Every teacher is a teacher of pupils with SEND" and therefore, "every leader is a leader of pupils with SEND."

GLC staff are supported in and challenged to provide the highest quality teaching for all learners; for those with additional needs, this includes increasingly more personalised strategies covering:  

High quality teaching for SEND



To ensure that strategies are effective, and that staff have clarity in what good practice for what SEND looks like, we work alongside the teaching and learning team to incorporate the focus on SEND throughout faculty deep dives. 

Within The GLC’s mission statement there is an emphasis on the role and importance of behaviour and relationships:

Our mission is to offer everyone opportunities to develop as high-achieving, resilient, healthy, aspirational, caring and fulfilled members of society. This will be achieved through:

  • The development of productive relationships to prepare pupils for learning and life;
  • Outstanding teaching; An inspiring and meaningful curriculum;
  • The development of effective partnerships for the benefit and wellbeing of our community.

At The Gateway Learning Community, we believe that ‘making the weather’ and a positive learning environment will give the pupils the best possible chance of achieving high outcomes, develop high expectations and help pupils improve upon their best. It is our mission to develop productive relationships across the community of the trust, so that the inclusive and positive school ethos permeates throughout and is everyone’s responsibility. Our approach to behaviour and relationships is informed by the following statement:

Being ‘fair’ is not about everyone getting the same (equality) but about everyone getting what they need (equity).

The Gateway works closely with other professionals to secure needed services for our students and seek advice when a student is making less than expected progress, despite tailored support being put into place.  These include but are not limited to:

  • speech and language therapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • educational psychology;
  • local schools, including those with special status;
  • occupational therapy;
  • mental health services;
  • counselling & therapies;
  • school nurse, specialist nursing and health teams;
  • other health and social care professionals.

The Team

Contact GA SEND admin:


GLC SENDCo Sarah Curtis -
Assistant Principal for SEND Laura Hunt -
SEND Inclusion Lead Ashleigh Tobin -
Teacher  Sue Balmer
Teacher Julie Cox
Learning Support Assistant Kyrese Baker
Learning Support Assistant Amanda Brenchley
Learning Support Assistant Eden Mitchell
Learning Support Assistant Donna Marie Hayes
Learning Support Assistant Sophie Rees

Please find key documents below. Note: The Gateway SEND information report and Gateway SEND policy are currently under review and will be updated by the 20th November 2023.