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Curriculum Overview

The PE curriculum is focused on broadening knowledge, skills and understanding across a range of activity areas. Each year group has the opportunity to develop skill selection and application using tactics, strategies and compositional ideas that relate to specific activities. They will build on stamina, strength and flexibility and be able to apply themselves in a range of competitive, creative and challenging activities.

The curriculum opportunities are broad and varied due to the variety of activity choices covered. This enables students to start to think about specialising in specific activities and roles as they progress through their learning journey. The varied activities that are taught on a rotational basis throughout the year are determined by the sporting seasons and specific interschool competitions that are on the calendar. Each activity selected provides a springboard for the GCSE practical performance assessment criteria, looking at skills in isolation and the application of skills, techniques and decision-making. In the practical subject areas, students can progress and improve their knowledge and understanding in key activities and refine and adapt their skills, and develop their fitness. This occurs through the use of progressive drills, modified games and competitive experiences.


PE motivates students to develop a range of skills and to adopt physically active lifestyles whilst also supporting their emotional and social well-being. 


Teachers will:

  • Plan a scheme of work that provides a balance across the full range of sports and activities;
  • Create opportunities for competitive sport within the school, the GLC and beyond;
  • Model the skills and attitudes to be successful;
  • Design activities and ways of working that focus on students improving upon their personal best; 
  • Identify and use sports role models to exemplify the key skills, value, personal and physical attributes;
  • Foster a ‘sport for all’ ethos and identify and nurture talent; 
  • Inculcate the importance of warm-up, taking part and cool-down stages of exercise; 
  • Choose and use published schemes and materials to enhance the curriculum, including the Sports Leaders Award;
  • Make opportunities to support the developing students’ character, culture, personal development and well-being; 
  • Help students to communicate effectively in a range of contexts [e.g. during a match] to develop and justify explanations and opinions; 
  • Celebrate achievement in all its forms; 
  • Provide advice and guidance to parents of students who show elite potential or who show an interest in a sport that is not covered by the curriculum;
  • Promote the importance of being physically active for sustained periods of time and will focus on helping students to understand the importance of this in promoting long-term health and well-being. 


Students will: 

  • Have a lifelong engagement in health, sport and leisure;
  • Have a knowledge of the health and well-being benefits of regular physical activity;
  • Have a good knowledge of different disciplines and as a result, will achieve well; 
  • Have an open-minded attitude to sport and be able to recognise and appreciate excellence. 


Name Contact
Mr J White (Director of PE)
Miss A Shannon
Mr J Williams
Mrs L Bruce
Mr J Bonnett
Miss J Heavey
Miss D Robertson
Mr P Morris

Basketball Coach

Name Contact
Mr L McCarthy