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Food Technology

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum equips students with theoretical knowledge about the food industry as well as enabling them to develop practical skills in planning, preparing, and cooking a variety of dishes. We deliver a curriculum which balances theory and practical elements and exposes students to a wide range of multicultural, healthy and cost-effective ingredients and dishes.



Food Technology develops students’ ability to cook a range of healthy, nutritious and cost-effective dishes, whilst developing a wider understanding and acceptance of cultures and religious differences.


Teachers will:

  • Plan and deliver a scheme of work, allowing students to develop knowledge and skills whilst cooking a range of nutritious, cost-effective dishes. Students will learn the creative and technical aspects of Food Technology: 
  • Focus the planning on the breadth of different dishes cooked through increasingly complex and challenging dishes as students progress through school;
  • Ensure students develop the skills to plan and execute a dish from beginning to end;
  • Ensure students develop the skills to follow written and verbal instructions;
  • Ensure that students always work safely.
  • Whenever possible teach the necessary theoretical knowledge through practical application and expert modelling;  
  • Inculcate an appreciation of quality dishes sometimes within a cultural and historic context;
  • Provide opportunities for students to learn to effectively describe their dishes and increasingly make use of technical language to critique, evaluate and test their dishes and menus and those of others; 


Students will:

  • Have a life-long passion for cooking healthy, nutritious dishes;
  • Plan and successfully cook dishes at home; 
  • Have a sense of wonder and enquiry about the hospitality and catering world;
  • Have the skills, knowledge, understanding and personal qualities to fully plan, design and cook a range of dishes.  


Name Contact
Mrs R Reynolds (HoD)
Mrs J Daly (Food Technician)