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The Gateway Learning Community

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The Gateway Academy IT Safety


What is filtering and monitoring?

Filtering and monitoring systems are used to keep pupils safe when using our school’s IT system.

At the Gateway Academy we use both:

Filtering systems: block access to harmful sites and content.

Monitoring systems: identify when a user accesses or searches for certain types of harmful content on school devices. The Academy is alerted to any concerning content, so we can intervene and respond appropriately.

We run our filtering and monitoring systems alongside our normal safeguarding procedures.

At The Gateway Academy we use a number of digital safeguarding solutions: :

Smoothwall allows students to access a safer, digital learning environment with real-time, content-aware and granular control filtering.

The Academy runs a DNS called Cloudflare which allows the Academy to block inappropriate content. It also runs a level of Malware protection.

Further to the above, we run a system known as Sofos and another called Securus which further enhances the monitoring of inappropriate content.


Through our internal ICT team, we further monitor the activity of students with daily intervention and monitoring of activity.