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The Gateway Learning Community

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Elite Athlete Programme


he Elite Athlete Programme (EAP) is a specialised program at Gateway designed to help students maximise their sporting potential. This presents an excellent opportunity for students to develop both as players and leaders in their chosen sport. EAP students attend high-quality and intensive training sessions led by specialists in their respective sports. Our EAP program is built upon the core values of 'humility, commitment, and discipline.'

To be part of the program, students must attend the annual trial date. Following the trial, students will receive a letter indicating whether they have been successful or not. The sports offered in the EAP program include:
• Basketball
• Rugby
• Netball
• Football
• Athletics (summer term)

At Gateway, we recognise the comprehensive benefits that sports bring to young people. We highly value the social benefits, including the development of skills such as communication, leadership, sportsmanship, and teamwork. We believe these traits are fundamental for student development during adolescence.

As our EAP athletes progress through school, we strive to leverage our established connections to ensure that our students have the most suitable sixth form/college experience, which focusses on both academic studies and continuing their sporting progress. This involves assisting with applications, exploring various college links, providing references, and imparting essential life skills to facilitate their transition to the next stage of their education.

EAP sessions are currently held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:15 am to 8 am.

Website – Extra-Curricular Timetable:
At The Gateway Academy, we offer an extensive array of extracurricular sports clubs for our students, recognising the significance and holistic benefits of sports. These clubs are available every morning, during break times, at lunchtimes, and after school. We strongly encourage students to fully utilise these extracurricular opportunities.

At Gateway, we also acknowledge the advantages of competitive sports, including setting high aspirations, building resilience, and fostering teamwork, to name just a few. We provide our students with the opportunity to participate in inter-school, district, borough, county, regional, and national competitions, as we believe this gives students the best chance to discover their passion for sports and compete at the highest level. Through these competitions, we have witnessed ever-growing success amongst our students at the academy, with students continuously striving for improvement.