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The Gateway Learning Community

The Gateway Learning Community

All Different: All Equal
Together, Improving Upon Our Best

Breakfast, Lunch and Extra Curricular Clubs and Timetables

Breakfast and Lunchtime Clubs

At the Academy, we provide students with a diverse range of clubs and activities during both break and lunchtime.  Our aim is to engage students, allowing them to enjoy themselves and have fun with their friends.

Breaktime (10.45 am – 11.15 am) Lunchtime (13.15 pm – 13.45 pm)
Football club (Astron) Football club (Astro)
Basketball club (Hard court) Basketball club (Hard court)
Elite Basketball club (Sports hall) Elite Basketball club (Sports hall)
Chess Zone (2-309) Chess Zone (2-309)
Movie Zone (4-214) Movie Zone (4-214)
Quiet Zone Quiet Zone
Sports Zone (Blue floor gym) Sports Zone (Blue floor gym)
Humanities Zone (W1) Humanities Zone (W1)
Arts Zone (2-207) Arts Zone (2-207)
Computer Zone (2-208) Computer Zone (2-208)
Library – Uno cards and games Library – Uno cards and games
Fitness Suite – Selected days No Fitness Suite at lunchtimes
Table tennis zone (Courtyard) Table tennis zone (Courtyard)
We also have an extended area for break and lunch in the Ellis Theatre.

All areas are staffed by personnel wearing fluorescent jackets and the Academy supplies the equipment for each zone.

Extra Curricular Timetable

  Before School [7:15am - 8am] After School [2:50pm onwards]
Monday Free Breakfast Canteen Creative Writing Club [4-203] TRS
Breakfast Club [4-206] JLE Cooking Club [1-202] RRS
EAP Netball JHY GCSE Art & Photography Catch-up [2-203] JCT/ PDE
EAP Rugby JWE Year 9/10/11 Basketball PMS
EAP Football PMS/ JWS Year 9/10/11 Girls' Football LBE
Open Basketball [from 7:30am] ASN Year 7/8 Netball JHY/ ASN
  Year 7/8 Boys' Rugby JWE/ JWS
Library Open until 5pm
Tuesday Free Breakfast Canteen European Cuisine Club [1-202] GCU
Breakfast Club [4-206] JLE Design Technology Club [1-303] EAI
Year 7/8 Boys' Basketball Coach Lee Chess Club [2-309] JJN
  Bloco Ensemble [2-105]
GCSE Art & Photography Catch-up [2-203] JCT/ PDE
Year 7/8 Girls' Basketball Coach Lee/JHY [until 4:30pm]
Year 7 Boys' Football PMS
Year 8/9 Boys' Football JWS
Library Open until 5pm
Wednesday Free Breakfast Canteen Art, Craft and Design Club [2-203] PDE
Breakfast Club [4-206] JLE Gospel Choir [2-105] EFE
Open Basketball LBE Year 10 Thurrock's Next Top Boss [2-209] CWY
EAP Netball JHY Library Open until 5pm
EAP Rugby JWE  
EAP Football PMS/ JWS
Thursday Free Breakfast Canteen High School Musical Rehearsals 
Breakfast Club [4-206] JLE Reading Club [2-406] ZAN
Year 7/8 Girls' Basketball Coach Lee Debating Club [2-404] HKR
  History Club [W1/W3 ] JCN and JLE
GCSE Art & Photography Catch-up [2-203] JCT/ PDE
Year 8 Boys' Basketball Coach Lee [until 4:30pm]
Year 7 Boys' Rugby [JWE/JWS]
Year 7/8 Girls' Football PMS/JHY
Year 9/10/11 Girls' Netball LBE/ ASN
Library Open until 5pm
Friday Free Breakfast Canteen Year 7 Boys' Basketball Coach Lee/ JWE [until 4:30pm]
Breakfast Club [4-206] JLE Senior Football PMS/ JWS
Year 9/10 Basketball Coach Lee Year 7 Girls' Netball JHY
  Library Open until 5pm