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The Gateway Learning Community

The Gateway Learning Community

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Gateway Academy awarded a Gold Arts Mark

The Gateway Academy was recently awarded a Gold Artsmark by the Arts Council, England.  Receiving a Gold Artsmark is a significant achievement that highlights a strong commitment to excellence and innovation in arts education.  This award reflects dedicated efforts to nurture creativity, supports talent and fosters a lively arts culture within The Gateway Academy.

Attaining a Gold Artsmark not only signifies high artistic standards but also indicates a positive impact on students' overall learning experiences.  It results from collaborative work among educators, students, and the broader community to seamlessly integrate the arts into the curriculum, creating an environment that encourages imagination and expression.  Beyond being a badge of honour, the Gold Artsmark symbolises the Academy’s unwavering belief in the transformative power of the arts, shaping not only students' artistic skills but also enhancing their critical thinking, communication, and collaboration abilities.  It recognises the school's role in developing well-rounded individuals who contribute to the richness of our cultural tapestry.

Huge congratulations to Miss Skeet who worked tirelessly to put this together.  She has written report after report and collated so much information for evidence.

Mrs Hill, Head of Faculty said “Amazing but not surprised, this team is fantastic and the opportunities are endless; the workshops alone this past month have been relentless; the trips and after school provision from external providers. 33 workshops/trips without clubs.”

Feedback from the Assessors of the Gold Artsmark from the Academy’s Statement of Commitment and Statement of Impact:

“'Through your established partnerships, you have worked with a range of cultural organisations such as Kinetika, Comedia, Royal Opera House and Trestle & Breakin' Convention to provide new experiences for disadvantaged students.  Student voice has been a key element of your Artsmark journey with staff following up students' requests for more representation of diversity and inclusion in the curriculum.  There is now a unit in photography 'All Different, All Equal' which explores identity and in Year 9 art, cultural activism, inclusion and diversity in communities is celebrated through students' chosen icons.  Students also take a lead in other areas: school productions, assemblies, organising Cultural Days and leading and supporting pupils from other settings at workshops.  To give them a greater sense of ownership, students have also started their own newspaper to share their heritage and celebrate successes.

There are opportunities for students to perform as well as engage in community events such as Tilbury Lights and Thurrock Music Festival and take part in school trips to museums, art spaces and theatres.  It is wonderful to read that The Gateway Academy is now part of the national 'Trailblazer' catalogue offering ceramic workshops to other settings, giving you an opportunity to share your good practice.  There has been successful use of the arts to support your oracy developments, and your development of interdepartmental coaching by your staff creates strong conditions for cross-fertilisation in the use of arts processes to support learning.”