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The Gateway Learning Community

The Gateway Learning Community

All Different: All Equal
Together, Improving Upon Our Best

Student Voice

Student Voice Aims: To enable the entire student body to express and voice their views on school life through the student leadership team and representative groups in an appropriate setting and forum.

Our objective is to enhance school policies and practices.

Student Voice 

plays an integral role in the school and is led by the Head Boy, Head Girl, and Mrs. Bryant. They are assisted by a team of Deputy Head Students.

Student Voice consists of five different committees:

1. Student leadership representing the four academic values (compassion, resilience, aspiration, and responsibility).
2. Mental Health.
3. Inclusivity Ambassadors.
4. Special Educational Needs and Disability students.
5. Child-on-child abuse and violence against women.

Student Voice Representatives are chosen from each committee to represent the views of their respective groups. Each committee collects input and opinions from students across all year groups using Google Form questionnaires, which are then reported to their committee. The committee collaboratively plans how to address the issues raised by the broader student body, and these concerns are discussed during Student Voice meetings. 

These recommendations are subsequently shared with the Head Teacher to ensure that actions resulting from the Student Voice meetings receive support and regular review, demonstrating their impact. Student Voice is crucial in ensuring that all students feel that their views are represented and that they are essential contributors to the academy community.