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Name Date File Size  
Art and Photography Local Visits Letter 24th September 2018187 KB  Download
Basketball Play-Off Finals - O2 4th March 2019205 KB  Download
Battlefields Trip - final letter 18th March 2019173 KB  Download
Battlefields Trip - Final Meeting Letter 12th March 2019171 KB  Download
Black History Month - Dress Day Letter 17th October 2018137 KB  Download
Blood Brothers Theatre Trip - Sept 2018 12th September 2018207 KB  Download
Body Worlds Trip Letter - June 2019 22nd May 2019226 KB  Download
Bowles Residential Trip September 2019 21st November 2018201 KB  Download
Bowles Trip (PE) follow-up letter 1st February 2019148 KB  Download
British Library trip letter 28th November 2018203 KB  Download
BTEC Dance Intervention Letter 11th October 2018195 KB  Download
CGP Revision Guide Letter 20th March 2019217 KB  Download
Coal House Fort Performance - November 2018 18th October 2018213 KB  Download
Cross Country Event - November 2018 10th October 2018175 KB  Download
Cross Country Sept 2018 12th September 2018335 KB  Download
Dance Show letter - 2019 4th March 2019194 KB  Download
Dans Le Noir Letter 26th June 2019226 KB  Download
Dead Dog in a Suitcase Trip Letter - Lyric Theatre - June 2019 21st March 2019220 KB  Download
District Athletics Letter 2019 8th May 2019234 KB  Download
DLD Letter - Curriculum Plus - First Aid Training 15th March 2019144 KB  Download
DLD Pantomime Year 7 Aladdin 19th November 2018338 KB  Download
End of Autumn Term Letter Dec 2018 6th December 2018228 KB  Download
End of Summer Term 2018 6th December 2018169 KB  Download
Engineering Interview Trip to POT 16th July 2019218 KB  Download
England v Japan Rugby Trip - November 2018 5th November 2018221 KB  Download
Eurodisney-Science Live Trip Letter 15th July 2019279 KB  Download
Follies Trip Letter 18th January 2019218 KB  Download
GCSE PE Moderation Day Letter 21st March 2019164 KB  Download
GCSE PE Practical Year 11 PPE Letter 23rd January 2019162 KB  Download
Geography Fieldwork Trip to Stratford 12th September 2018201 KB  Download
Geography Iceland Trip Letter - November 2018 7th November 2018183 KB  Download
GLC Primary Sports Day Letter 12th June 2019225 KB  Download
Globe Theatre Trip Letter 12th September 2018197 KB  Download
GPFS Transition Letter - 2019 26th April 2019193 KB  Download
Grays Fire Station Trip - Juen 2019 22nd May 2019244 KB  Download
Hampton Court Palace Visit 2nd April 2019199 KB  Download
Herringham Transition Letter - 2019 26th April 2019194 KB  Download
History Trip Letter to Battlefields 17th September 2018210 KB  Download
Ice Skating Trip Letter 11th February 2019199 KB  Download
Iceland Trip Meeting Letter - January 2019 15th January 2019159 KB  Download
Imperial War Museum Trip 21st November 2018205 KB  Download
Jump Evolution Trampoline Park Trip Letter 29th March 2019202 KB  Download
Kids Lit Quiz November 2018 17th October 2018209 KB  Download
Kinetika Trip Letter 24th April 2019190 KB  Download
Lansdowne Transition Letter - 2019 26th April 2019193 KB  Download
Late Start Letter - 08 July 2019 1st July 2019206 KB  Download
Late start letter 2019 21st June 2019206 KB  Download
Letter - Changes to the Timings of the School Day 3rd October 2018158 KB  Download
Letter from KSR re. GLC Term Dates 2018-2019 17th September 2018178 KB  Download
Letter regarding PE for Building Futures 16th July 2019217 KB  Download
Letter to parents re. Humanities classroom move 21st March 2019203 KB  Download
Literary Arts Festival 2019 letter 16th July 2019157 KB  Download
London Cruise Terminal - Technology Competition Letter 6th February 2019219 KB  Download
Macbeth - The Towngate Theatre Trip - 27 September 2019 21st June 2019224 KB  Download
Macbeth Trip Letter 5th October 2018207 KB  Download
Mears Group - Thurrock's Next Top Boss Visit Letter 13th March 2019198 KB  Download
Mosque Trip Letter 26th September 2018187 KB  Download
Music instrumental vocal tuition sign up letter 9th November 2018182 KB  Download
Music instrumental vocal tuition sign up letter final 4th March 2019183 KB  Download
Music Showcase Concert Letter - June 2019 6th June 2019220 KB  Download
National Science Museum Trip Letter 3rd December 2018218 KB  Download
Natural History Museum Trip Letter - June 2019 21st May 2019227 KB  Download
Opportunity Thurrock October 2018 24th September 2018147 KB  Download
Pastoral PAD Sessions 2019 6th December 2018165 KB  Download
Pioneer Transition Letter - 2019 26th April 2019192 KB  Download
Poetry Live! Letter 28th November 2018207 KB  Download
Port of Tilbury - Engineering Apprenticeship Interview Trip Year 10 2019 4th July 2019216 KB  Download
PTA Christmas Market - Volunteer Letter 22nd November 2018223 KB  Download
PTA Movie Night Letter 10th December 2018194 KB  Download
Refund Letter - Royal Opera House 2nd May 2019196 KB  Download
Reprezent x Gateway 31st Jan Assembly - Parent Letter 31st January 2019233 KB  Download
Reward Trip - Thorpe Park Trip Letter - September 2019 20th May 2019245 KB  Download
Reward Trip to Jump Giants Letter - March 2019 18th March 2019206 KB  Download
Rock Assembly Letter 2019 17th May 2019260 KB  Download
Romeo and Juliet Trip Letter - March 2019 21st January 2019196 KB  Download
Senior Citizen's Dinner Volunteer Letter 28th January 2019318 KB  Download
Ski Trip - Final Letter 10th December 2018168 KB  Download
Ski Trip - Final Meeting Letter 9th October 2018165 KB  Download
South Essex College Trip Letter 14th January 2019188 KB  Download
Southend Trip Letter - July 2019 15th May 2019241 KB  Download
Stifford Hall Hotel Visit Letter 7th March 2019192 KB  Download
Student Photographs (Year 7, 9 & 11 only) 18th October 2018361 KB  Download
Student Progress Day Letter - 28 September 2018 12th September 2018165 KB  Download
Think Logisitics Workshop Letter 5th March 2019142 KB  Download
Thurrock's Next Top Boss Letter 8th March 2019199 KB  Download
Toby Carvery Letter 8th November 2018221 KB  Download
Trailblazers - Beacon Hill Trip Letter 18th June 2019255 KB  Download
Treetops School Fun Day Trip Letter 4th June 2019248 KB  Download
Treetops Visit Letter 2018-2019 17th October 2018195 KB  Download
Trip to Thameside Theatre to see Hidden 4th October 2018203 KB  Download
UEL Trip Letter 30th November 2018197 KB  Download
University of Essex Trip 5th March 2019197 KB  Download
Victoria and Albert Museum Trip 24th September 2018197 KB  Download
Westminster Abbey Trip Letter 26th September 2018186 KB  Download
Winter Wonderland Reward Trip Letter 30th November 2018200 KB  Download
WISE Letter for Science 20th September 2018170 KB  Download
WW1 - Last minute information letter 4th April 2019174 KB  Download
Year 10 ALPs letter 25th January 2019151 KB  Download
Year 10 Hospitality and Catering 27th February 2019336 KB  Download
Year 10 Work Experience Letter 9th October 2018164 KB  Download
Year 11 - The Year Ahead 11th September 2018304 KB  Download
Year 11 Boys Casino Night Letter 5th February 2019179 KB  Download
Year 11 Geography Revision Letter 13th September 2018172 KB  Download
Year 11 Girls Fright Night Letter - Friday 9 November 2018 5th November 2018201 KB  Download
Year 11 Letter - attendance prom 20th March 2019152 KB  Download
Year 11 Next Steps Parents' Evening 3rd October 2018175 KB  Download
Year 11 Parents' Evening Helper Letter 21st January 2019152 KB  Download
Year 11 Pomodoro Letter 8th March 2019216 KB  Download
Year 11 Prom Letter - 2019 20th May 2019265 KB  Download
Year 11 Shoreditch Geography Trip Letter 13th March 2019220 KB  Download
Year 11 Stress Busting Letter 15th November 2018194 KB  Download
Year 11 Yearbook Pre-order Letter 11th January 2019545 KB  Download
Year 7 Parents' Evening Letter - January 2019 14th December 2018154 KB  Download
YEAR 8 Parents' Evening Letter Home 15th February 2019162 KB  Download
Year 9 Parents' Evening Helper Letter 25th March 2019152 KB  Download
Year 9 Parents' Evening Letter 21st March 2019152 KB  Download
Youth Conference Trip Letter 7th November 2018195 KB  Download