Face Coverings Important update

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Due to the rise in coronavirus cases across the UK, with effect from Monday 14 September 2020, it will be mandatory for all staff and students to wear a face covering whilst in the corridors and in the Courtyard Café (when not eating).
We would recommend your son/daughter uses a reusable face covering so that they can use this more than once in the day, as inevitably they will be removing and putting their face covering on throughout the day. Unfortunately, if this is not possible, your son/daughter will need to bring in several single-use face coverings for use throughout the day.
All face coverings should be stored in a sealable plastic bag so that this will be secure from contamination throughout the school day. Reusable and single-use face coverings are available to buy in shops and/or online. All reusable face coverings should be washed at the end of a school day, ready for use the following day.
All face coverings should be worn covering the nose and mouth, when wearing it. Your son/daughter should not touch the front of the face covering or the part that is touched by their nose or mouth. All students should sanitise their hands before and after touching a face covering, including taking this off and putting it on. All face coverings should be stored in a resealable bag between uses. The World Health Organisation (‘WHO’) have created a YouTube video showing people how to wear a mask correctly (
If your son/daughter is exempt from wearing a face covering, (you will need to provide evidence regarding) they will not need to wear one. If this is the case, please contact you child’s Progress Leader or Lead Coach on telephone number 01375 489000 so that we do not ask them to wear a face covering.
Please encourage your child to bring in a face covering every single school day from Monday 14 September (perhaps leaving a spare one in a resealable bag in their school bag).
Below is a website you can use to make your own face coverings -