Year 11 Exam Annoucement 6/4/20

6 April 2020

Dear Year 11

I hope that you are all well and keeping yourselves busy in these unprecedented times. We wanted to write to you to give you some updates and resources and to put your mind at rest regarding college applications and most importantly your exam results which have been causing you natural concern.


You will have seen that I placed a letter on Show My Homework from the JCQ explaining that your grades will be awarded based upon teacher assessments using all the knowledge we have of you and the work that you have completed over the past five years. All certificates will be awarded in the usual way on results day, although the date may be brought forward but this has not been formally announced yet. We will keep you informed as we find out more but lease try not to worry.

Submitted Grades

You will not be able to see the grades that the Academy submits for you. Please do not ask your teachers, or anyone else to tell you your grades they will be sending to the examination boards. We are not allowed to share this information with you.

College Applications

We have been in contact with your colleges and also the government have stressed that the results that you receive will count as normal in terms of your college applications. The certificates will count in the same way that all previous years so you will not be placed at a disadvantage. We have been contacted directly by UPS (Palmers and Seevic) who informed us that all applications have been honoured and you should have heard from them personally by now.

Being prepared for next year

There have been a large number of online resources made available for students to help them prepare for next year. Please can I suggest that you do all you can to review and make the most of the resources that I have attached below. These are all designed to help you in the transition to further education and careers.

Home Learning HUB

The Sills Builder Partnership have built the Home Learning Hub so that students and parents can easily access resources to build essential skills at home.

Open University

The open university also has some really good online courses that will support you with college and future careers, these can be found on the link below:‐courses/full‐catalogue

We will keep updating you as much as we can when new resources come available or we get further information. Please make sure that you are making the most of the time that you have and keeping active. Keep up to date with course content for the courses that you are looking to study next year, stay fit, read and use the online resources above to help guide you. Most importantly, stay safe and look after yourselves. If you need anything please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do what we can to support.

With best wishes,

Mr Heighway

Vice Principal


‐ Curriculum and Assessment