We welcome you to get in touch with any concerns or questions...

Our new 'Concerns & Questions' page helps you contact the correct member of staff quickly and efficiently with one click! Click on the 'Contact Us' link at the top of the page to find out who you need to contact.

This page covers many contact areas within the Academy:

  • Attendance: To report an absence or if you have a query about your child's attendance.
  • Child Protection: If you have serious concerns regarding your child's welfare.
  • Form Tutors: If you have a general concern or question regarding your child; this could be anything from friendship groups, rewards, sanctions, EPPs or ALPs.
  • Heads of College/College Coaches: If you have a more serious concern not listed above.
  • Teaching Queries: If you have a classroom-based query regarding your child's progress or homework, or anything other concerns regarding the teaching of your child.
  • Further Action: If your teaching query has not been answered by way of contact above, please contact our Teaching Management Team.
  • General Queries: For any general queries not related to a student or teacher, our administration team will pass your query on to the correct department on your behalf.