The Gateway Academy welcomes Lord Dennis Stevenson

We were very lucky to have Lord Dennis Stevenson visit our Academy on Tuesday 28th June.


Lord Stevenson spoke to some of our Yr. 9 and Yr. 10 Business, Music and Computing students about:

-              The importance of passion/commitment.

-              The need to take advantage of opportunities.

-              The need to develop resilience.


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After Lord Stevenson’s initial speech, the students were interested to know more about his successes and failures and students asked questions including, “What do you do when a business is failing?”, “What is the most important skill for an entrepreneur to have?” and “How much money have you made?”  Stevenson answers were engaging and intriguing and it was very interesting to hear him say that he felt that the most important skill for an entrepreneur should have is, people skills.  The importance of failure and having an acceptance of failure as a step to success was also highlighted.  Malcolm Ololade stated, “I learnt about the importance of patience, to consider all options and to have passion.”  Jelesha Limbu in Yr. 10 asked Lord Stevenson about motivation and confidence and Stevenson has offered to help Jelesha with her small Jewellery business that she has started.  Overall, a fantastic moment where Stevenson’s open nature and honesty allowed our children to gain an insight in to how one man, who spent the first 4 years of his career living in a small flat, paying himself just £500 a year and scraping by on spaghetti for dinner every night, went on to become a multi-millionaire.

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