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Dear Parents,

Young Reporter in conjunction with Newsquest Media Group, run an exciting extra-curricular opportunity for students from years 10 and 11 allowing them to experience what it is like to work for a real live newspaper. It is a fantastic experience for them to put on their CVs and it can be run alongside Duke of Edinburgh (bronze and silver) if the students wish to do this as part of their skill set

. The scheme is structured as if students are working directly for the paper as they are given deadlines to work to, topics to write about and every article is published on This is Local London, the online newspaper that covers all areas within the M25. Students outside of London, write for the Gazette News and The Argus.

Throughout the scheme, students can apply to cover some exciting events, interviews, theatre reviews, large attractions and other opportunities. They then write up about these for publication on the Newsquest Media online newspapers. In addition to this they can compete to have their work published on the Student Comet, which is published on The Young Reporter website together with the Newsquest Media online newspapers. This is a fantastic and unique opportunity for students still at school, to be able to showcase their written work on a regular basis to a wide international audience with readerships of up to 30 million per month.

Thousands of students have taken advantage of this opportunity over many years and some of the students who have done it in the past, are now actively working in the media. Others have gone onto work in different careers like law, teaching, marketing and many, many more. You can listen to a selection of our students on the Young Reporter Alumni section of our website -

All the students who we have spoken to and recorded on the Alumni page, said that this scheme helped them tremendously by honing their writing skills, building their confidence and showing them how to work within tight deadlines, which they will need at university and in their future careers. Today universities want more than just good grades from students and it is important that they have a variety of skills to put onto their CVs and UCAS applications. We are recognised by many universities throughout the UK and abroad and some students have said that having done an eight-month work experience with us, helped them tremendously.

To apply and take advantage of this exciting opportunity, your son/daughter will need to go to the year 11 base room (room 1306) to talk to Maria Taylor, the careers advisor on the first day back after half term. For more information about the scheme, please browse the website – or watch the video link -

Kind regards

Maria Taylor

Careers Advisor


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