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05 January 2021

Dear Parent/Carer and Student

I hope you, your family and friends are well and you are all keeping safe.  The Government announcement yesterday evening with regard to school closures, is devastating for staff, students and families alike, however, given the new variant of COVID and the rapid spread, it is absolutely clear that the health and safety of every member of our school community must be our top priority. 

Students, please know that it is with a very heavy heart that we are unable to open our doors to you but know that we will continue to do everything we can to support you at this time.  Please access your learning online, try to keep as active as possible and keep a routine over the coming weeks.

Timeframe of school closure

It is expected that the Academy will remain closed until at least Monday 22 February 2020, for the vast majority of students.  As soon as we receive further guidance about school reopening times, we will inform you.  As you are aware, we have a small number of students who are accessing provision here at The Gateway Academy (key worker and vulnerable students).  If you believe your child is entitled to this and want to avail yourself of this service, please could you email Miss Newton (kerry.newton@theglc.org.uk). 

Year 11/Year 10 Examinations

Following the decision by the Government to close schools with effect from today Tuesday 5 January 2021, it is clear that GCSE examinations could not go ahead as planned.  The Department of Education will send out further clarity over the coming weeks regarding how schools will award student grades.  As soon as we have updated information we will let students, parents and carers know.  I would ask that all students continue to work as hard as possible during this time and ensure that you are submitting high quality work to your teachers. 

On line learning

If your child does not have internet access or a laptop to access online learning, can you please e-mail Miss Newton (kerry.newton@theglc.org.uk) and we will do everything we can to support you.  It is absolutely crucial that your child has the resources available to continue with their learning at this time.  Please see the attached link, with regard to the online provision at The Academy.  http://www.theglc-gatewayacademy.org.uk/395/virtual-learning-timetables

 Free School Meals

All children eligible for Free School Meals, regardless whether or not they are in school, can get a pack of food equivalent to eight days from this Wednesday 6 January 2021.  With effect from Monday 18 January 2021, food packs will be available equivalent to 5 days, to be collected on a Monday.  Many parents/carers have already taken up this offer and I would urge you to consider this.  Again, if you do wish to partake of this, please email Miss Newton (kerry.newton@theglc.org.uk).


Whilst the school is closed, our duty and responsibility to safeguard our children remains.  Our regular check ins with families needing a bit of extra help and support will continue throughout the period of school closure, just as if the school was open.  Please do not feel offended if a member of school staff calls to check in with you and to speak to your child.  If you have any safeguarding concerns whilst the school is closed, for your child or for any other child who attends this Academy, please contact Mrs Whitbread (claire.whitbread@theglc.org.uk) as a matter of urgency.

Community Service

We know that this continuous to be a very challenging time for many of our families and as an Academy we will try and support you as much as possible.  We have a number of staff and students who have donated food and whilst we cannot guarantee that we can support everyone as much as we would like, if you are in challenging circumstances, could you please email Mr Moruzzi (julian.moruzzi@theglc.org.uk) and we will do everything within our power to support you.

Please continue to look after yourself, your family, friends and community at this time.

Kind regards,

Yours sincerely

Mrs G McLaughlin




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