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01 January 2021
Dear Parent/Carer
I hope you and your family had a safe and relaxing break over the Christmas period. You may be aware that there was a Government announcement on Wednesday 30th December relating to students returning to school. We are disappointed that our students are unable to return to school next week but the safety of our students, families, staff and community will continue to be our highest priority.
The following arrangements are now in place:
Monday 4th January – This will be a staff training day.
Tuesday 5th January – There will be on-site provision for key worker and vulnerable groups. We have been liaising with families who are entitled to this provision. If you believe your child is entitled to this provision, please e-mail (Kerry.newton@theglc.org.uk). All other students will work remotely from this day. Lessons will follow the timetable as set out.
Monday 11th January – Students in Year 11 should be returning to school and the provision for key worker/vulnerable students will continue. All other students will work remotely for the remainder of this week.
Monday 18th January – All students should return to school.
Please find details regarding your child’s timetable starting from Tuesday 5 January 2021. Students are expected to undertake the ‘live’ lessons as indicated on their timetable and use the additional time throughout the day to complete work set by their teachers. We would appreciate your full support with ensuring your child is ready to learn, undertakes ‘live’ learning with the right attitude and completes any follow up home learning. If your child does not have IT access, it is vitally important that you contact us to see if we can support in any way. Please e-mail Kerry Newton (kerry.newton@theglc.org.uk).
Please be aware that whilst your child is undertaking ‘live’ lessons, it is not appropriate for parents or carers to speak to the member of staff teaching at this time. If you wish to speak to any member of staff, please continue to go through the normal channels and telephone us on 01375 489000.
Please share the following with your child:
Student expectations of on-line learning:
Ready to Learn
• Set yourself up in a space that is appropriate for learning e.g. kitchen table, a quiet area of the house.
• Log on five minutes prior to the start of the lesson.
• Make sure your name is displayed on screen as it appears on the register.
• Ensure you are ready for learning (equipment, books, camera switched on).
Ensure your backdrop is appropriate for learning and you are dressed appropriately.
• Only use the chat function in connection with your learning.
• A reminder that positive behaviour for learning will be awarded and disruptive behaviour will be sanctioned in line with the Academy’s Behaviour Policy – first warning, final warning, removal from lesson.
• Remember you do not have permission to record the teacher (this is breach of GDPR regulations and against the law).
• All lessons will be recorded.
Live Learning will be conducted through zoom.
• Be positive about your learning (for example, if you do not understand a concept, ask the teacher to explain in more detail).
• Be open to this new way of learning.
• Be kind and respectful to each other and the teacher delivering the lesson.
Home Learning
• Log on to Google Classroom and complete any work that has been set.
• ‘Turn in’ completed work.
• If you did not understand any part of the lesson ask for support in your next live lesson.
• Keep track of due dates
Covid 19 Testing On Site
The Government have indicated that all secondary schools will have the ability to offer students rapid testing for COVID from January 2021. We are currently awaiting further details from the Department of Education regarding this and will inform parents and carers as soon as we have more details.
Thank You
Again, a massive thank you for all of your support during this time.
Yours sincerely
Mrs G McLaughlin

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