Parental Letter 14th July

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14 July 2020

Dear Parents/Carers and Our Wonderful Gateway Academy Students

Following the Government’s guidance in relation to education on Thursday 02 July 2020, which can be found by
clicking on the link:‐for‐schools‐during‐the‐coronavirusoutbreak/
, the leadership of The Gateway Academy have spent a great deal of time looking at what is right for our students.

It is imperative for us that our students are given every opportunity to “catch up” academically, whilst at the same time supporting our student wellbeing. As a result, we have worked hard to retain the balance between what we call “head, heart and hand” knowledge, well‐being, problem solving and creativity. We are delighted to inform all parents/carers and our students that we will continue to offer a broad and balanced curriculum and will have bespoke sessions for our students to discuss their own wellbeing.

The following will be in place for September 2020 (given the current Government guidance):

  •  Students will be grouped into year group bubbles with their own teaching zone for all subjects except PE, Performing Arts,Technology and Computer Science.
  •  Students will have a staggered start to their day (Year 7: 08:20, Year 8: 08:30, Year 9: 08:40, Year 10: 8:50 and Year 11: 8:10) and each year group bubble will have their own entrance and exit point.
  •  Each year group bubble will have their own toilets and will have break time with their own year group only.
  • Students will have a staggered end to their day (timings to be confirmed).
  •  Full uniform will be expected to be worn every day, except on the days students have Dance or PE. On those days, students may wear their PE kit or other suitable sportswear (we will send out further details regarding this at a later time).
  •  There will be no large gatherings of students in school, such as assemblies;
  •  Water‐fountains will be disabled [all students should bring a full water bottle for the day].
  •  All student desks in classrooms will face forward, where possible.
  •  Each student must bring the standard set of resources to school each day (as they would usually be expected to do).
  •  The Academy curriculum will include regular tutor periods for students and pastoral support programmes to support students’ emotional wellbeing.
  •  Students will be expected to wash their hands and hand sanitise at regular intervals throughout the day including: on entry to the Academy, entry and exit to rooms, before eating, before and after using the bathroom and upon exit of the Academy.

We are currently writing the students’ timetables, taking into consideration all of the above and will send students a copy of their own timetable before September. It is our aim to liaise with our parents/carers and students over the summer break to ensure that we keep you fully informed before school resumes on Wednesday 02 September 2020.

We wish our parents/carers and students a good summer break, please take care and remember to stay alert. We look forward to welcoming our students back because without them in our building every day, we are missing our heart.

Kind regards,

Yours sincerely

Mrs G McLaughlin

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