Latest Letter 6th July

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Dear Parent/Carer

Following the Government’s guidance in relation to education on, 02 July 2020, we are now looking at a plan of how our Academy can provide the safest environment for both staff and students, whilst at the same time delivering a curriculum that supports our students to reach their full potential across a wide range of disciplines.

The full version of the Government guidance can be found be clicking on the link below:‐for‐schools‐during‐the‐coronavirusoutbreak/

Amongst the key points in the guidance are:

  •  Grouping students in year group ‘bubbles’ to ensure that they do not mix with other year groups.
  •  Avoiding contact between year groups in school by having staggered start, break, lunch and finish times.
  •  Staff moving between year groups if they maintain a distance of 2 meters from students and other staff.
  •  Compulsory attendance for students.
  •  Test and trace support for schools and any suspected / confirmed cases.
  •  Regular cleaning of hands.
  •  Big group gatherings such as assemblies are not allowed.
  •  Visitors to the school are not allowed without appointments.
  •  Students expected to continue with all their GCSEs and schools continue to offer a broad and balanced curriculum.
  •  Plans in place for managing COVID 19 cases and outbreaks.
  •  Remote online learning plans in place if the school goes back into lockdown or year groups have to selfisolate for fourteen days.
  •  Amendments to Behaviour Policies which addresses the restrictions of movement changes and new
  • hygiene rules.
  •  Students facing the front in classrooms at all times.

My team and I are under no illusion of the ongoing struggles and increased pressure that has been placed on families since the closure of our Academy on 20 March 2020. Whist many students have engaged in on line learning it is clearly not a substitute for teaching in a classroom setting. Also, it is clear that young people want to see their friends, have a sense of routine and get back to ‘normal’. As a result, we will do everything we can to provide parents/carers and our students with a detailed plan of how our Academy will operate in September as quickly as possible.

Best wishes,

Yours sincerely

Mrs G McLaughlin

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