Trailblazing at Gateway

As part of the Trailbazer project running across the whole GLC various events have taken place at the The Gateway Academy this half term.


Trestle Theatre Company-  Drama


Drama students had the exciting opportunity of visiting Thameside Theatre in Grays to watch the Trestle Theatre company perform Rachel. Pupils witnessed this physical theatre company performing a new performance and education project about the life of Mrs Rachel Levy. She was a Holocaust survivor, whose story highlights the very essence of the human instinct to survive when there is no choice.


Design Challenge Year 10 Art

Over the last term, Year 10 art and design students have been developing their design skills to create a set design for a production on stage. Working with the world class Royal Opera House production team, children have had the opportunity to learn how to design and create a set ready to be built for performance. Children have had to work from a director's brief, create a design portfolio to show their processes. They will share their learning with Year 5 pupils from our primary schools in the Spring term.



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