Gateway pupils changing the face of Tilbury

The Tilbury Project

During the summer term last year students at The Gateway Academy met with Artist John Bulley to design a new façade and artwork for the One Community Development Trust in Tilbury. Students were asked to create a brainstorm of ideas, a research on John’s work and come up with designs in keeping with ‘Tilbury Community.’ Once the students completed their research phase they began painting on wooden boards, something that they identified Tilbury with. Some of the wooden boards have written on them ‘ This is not a ..’ in keeping with the work of the artist Rene Magritte to give the work a mix of classical and contemporary. On Tuesday 10 September students had a ‘Paint Jam’ with John and they all had a go at spray painting and graffiti. The students’ individual pieces will be displayed on the shop front in the coming weeks and some of their designs include: Tilbury carnival, Tilbury Docks, horses, cars and people from different cultural backgrounds. It has been a great opportunity for the students to work on projects outside of the classroom and to meet with a professional artist.

shop frontnews pic onenews picclose up

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