Fright Night at Gateway

On Friday 8th November we had our legendary Year 11 ‘Fright Night’, and once again we did not disappoint! 

Around 75 year 11 girls experienced the full sensory horror of a pitch-black, smoke-filled, danger-ridden ‘ghost walk’ around the school. Four criers, a few trips and a panic attack or two later and they were all through.  I have to admit that, as I was leading the group through, even as a Yorkshireman, nearly jumped out of my skin when Alex Mitchell’s arms came through the smoke grabbed me from his hidden position on top of the science lockers.

On top of this, we had 20" pizzas to tuck in to, a cinema experience watching ‘Annabelle’  interrupted with uninvited guests (see video) and music to end the night in the canteen.

It was an excellent experience for all involved, epitomised by the round of applause the students gave the staff when they revealed themselves after the Ghost Walk. The students really appreciate everything the staff do for them.

Needless to say, the night wouldn’t have been a success without the dedication and selflessness of Julian, James Emblem, Phil Jacob, Dan Norris, Alex Mitchell, Stuart Ward, Cormac, Sam Dailey, Tracey Dixon, Fred B and Sarah Shaw who all went above and beyond yesterday. Dean and Charlie in the site staff were also amazing yesterday.

Even students (past and present) came in especially to help. A special mention needs to go to Head Boy Sam Binder who worked tirelessly throughout the night, preparing, sweeping and cleaning and who was the last student to leave.

Jeff Pedley