The Big Battery Hunt comes to a close at the Gateway Academy...

Students from the Gateway Academy have been avidly collecting used batteries as part of a college-wide competition to see who can collect and recycle the most. The campaign has been part of The Big Battery Hunt, a national competition open to all schools, with the aim to collect 4 million batteries. With over 1,500 schools taking part across the UK, the students were keen to be part of such a worthwhile initiative.

The academy took delivery of their battery recycle containers way back in February and students, along with their form tutors, kept a close eye on the progress. The competition was fierce, and with college points hanging in the balance, they fully engaged in the process.

College coach and campaign leader, Miss Lisa Clemson, said “This has been a really great way of incorporating healthy college competition whilst teaching the students the importance of recycling. I can’t wait to see where the Gateway Academy appears on the results table!”

Head of School, Mrs Grainne McLaughlin, also commented “This has been a lovely thing for students and staff to be part of. It’s so nice to see how much they care about their environment. It’s always the little things that make all the difference in the world that we live in. Well done to Phoenix College who managed to collect a whopping 3,656 batteries!”

Pictured with the collection containers are Miss Clemson, Mrs McLaughlin and students from Phoenix College; Cain, Karl, Molly & Hannah

Final leaderboard:    

  1. Phoenix 3,656
  2. Pride 2,430
  3. All Stars 1,122
  4. Seahawks 1,116

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