Engineers in the making at the Gateway Academy...

The Gateway Academy recently hosted a ‘Faraday Challenge’ for the IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology) as part of the Jack Petchey Foundation, who were celebrating 15 years of working with young people. The students represented the very best of the Gateway Academy, did very well in the competition and won for the Academy’s district!

The students were then invited, along with 49 other schools, to participate in a further awards ceremony. At the ceremony, they had a few setbacks; with a team-member not being available on the day and equipment not working, which temporarily shook their confidence. They remembered the school mantra of working together, perseverance and never giving up. They stayed calm and communicated with the IET staff what they needed to get them back on track. They then ventured out to talk and learn from the other schools and were very engaging with the students at the competition.

The staff at the Institute praised the Academy students and commented on what a delight they were, with a positive and determined attitude in the face of the challenges they were presented with.

There were six awards presented on the day, with the Academy students walking away with, what they felt was one of the best awards; ‘The team we would most like to spend the day with’.

Teachers, Miss Akumanyi & Miss Constable, both agreed “The students were a delight to travel with and they shared their ideas clearly. They communicated with all the other students and staff, sharing the knowledge they acquired during the project. Who could ask for a better result? We are very proud of our students. Congratulations to our Engineers, Project Manager, Finance Manager and Product Developers; Dylan, Gabija, Izzy, James, Keira & Maddy.”

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