Peer Mentors visit the Gateway Primary Free School...

Transition into secondary school can be a time of mixed feelings for many Year 6 pupils; feelings range from anxiety to excitement to anticipation. There are many questions to be answered and who best to answer these questions than students that already attend the secondary school that they are soon to be attending?!

Peer Mentors from the Gateway Academy took the opportunity to visit the Gateway Primary Free School recently. They hosted a Q & A workshop in a bid to dispel any myths the primary students may have, and to answer any burning questions about their upcoming transition period in July. Amongst other things, they taught the pupils how to tie a school tie correctly and how to read an Academy timetable, locating the different classrooms on the school site map.

Wellbeing and Peer Mentor coordinator, Mrs Tracey Passingham, said “I was so proud to see the Peer Mentors working with the Year 6s. The sessions were a complete success and I know that our students enjoyed working with the younger ones. I think the same could be said for the primary pupils who seemed to really enjoy the opportunity to meet the Peer Mentors and get to know more about their new school.”

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