Non-Student Facing Staff

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Initials Name Department
CWB Claire Whitby Attendance Ambassador (GLC)
ESN Emily Swann Attendance Ambassador (GLC)
LCS Lauren Chilvers Attendance Ambassador (GLC)
KNN Kerry Newton Attendance Manager
SKN Sarah Kempton Catering Manager
ABL Amanda Buckwell Catering Assistant
ASD Amanda Steward Catering Assistant
CNS Calire Nicholls Catering Assistant
HDS Hazel Davis Catering Assistant
LDE Laura Dunne Catering Assistant
MHY Maria Halliday Catering Assistant
MNS Miriam Nicholls Catering Assistant
SCN Shirley Chapman Catering Assistant
SBG Sue Burgess Catering Assistant
ZFN Zoe Fullerton Catering Assistant
CWD Claire Whitbread Child Protection Lead/Academy Liaison Officer
RRS Rachel Reynolds Cover Supervisor
ALU Ashis Limbu Design and Marketing (GLC)
DDN Dominic Davison EWO (GLC)
DLE Dionne Locke Examinations Officer/Cover Co-Ordinator/HR Assistant
RBN Robyn Bevans Exams Officer and Assessments Assistant
CGN Claire Gibson Finance Assistant
JJS Jo Jones Finance Director (GLC)
JSR Julie Salter Finance Supervisor
GHN George Hillsden ICT Technician
SHL Stacey Hall ICT Technician
RSS Ryan Summerhayes IT-GLC Cheif Technology Officer
ODU Ola Disu Lettings Receptionist (evenings)
JJA Jo Jaffa PA to Head of School/Vice Principals
KCO Katie Crighton PA to the CEO/HR(GLC)
NSL Natalie Steel PA to the Wider Leadership Team
DPN Denise Paterson Receptionist
SHS Sonia Humphries Reprographics (GLC)
ERK Emma Rudduck Reprographics Assistant
RPD Rebecca Passfield Reprographics Assistant
REC Charlotte Bettle SEND Admin
MEY Maggie Earey Site Manager
CSL  Charlie Spall Site Staff - Caretaker
KPY Kerry Pizzey Site Staff - Caretaker
MEI  Martin Earey Site Staff - Caretaker
CDF Cheryl Duff Site Staff - Cleaner
DHY Dawn Henry Site Staff - Cleaner
DBS Denise Brooks Site Staff - Cleaner
JPR Jodie Palmer Site Staff - Cleaner
KBS  Kaylee Brooks Site Staff - Cleaner
LSS Lynn Saunders Site Staff - Cleaner
MKN Martin Kerin Site-Staff - Cleaner
MFR  Mary Anne Furner Site Staff - Cleaner
PMH Pauline Miah Site Staff - Cleaner
TWS Teresa Williams Site Staff - Cleaner
TBL Tony Buckwell Site Staff - Cleaner
VEY Veronica Earey Site Staff - Cleaner
WBY William Brenchley Site Staff - Cleaner
SVS Sam Vickers Student Data Team
SOR Siobhan O'Dwyer Student Engagement Leader
CBN Claire Brown Technician - Art
JDY Julie Daly Technician - Food Technology
AES Amy Edwards Technician- Science
DMH Dean March Technician - Technology