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25 April 2022

Dear Parents/Carers


There is a vacancy for a Parent Governor on The Gateway Academy Governing Board, with a term of office of four years.

The role of Academy governor is exciting, challenging and rewarding. Academy governors are people from the Academy’s community who wish to make a positive contribution to children’s education. They can take part in all aspects of Academy life and it’s up to each governor how much they get involved.

However, there is a certain amount of commitment that is required and this should be considered when deciding if you want to become a governor. At the present time, the Governing Board meetings are held 3 times per year, termly and are usually on Thursdays, from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm. In addition, governors will need to be able to undertake training to fulfil their roles effectively, particularly with regard to statutory duties such as discipline and exclusion panels.

The Governing Board has significant influence in relation to the overall direction and effective management of the Academy and Parent Governors have an important role to play as members of the Governing Board. It is, therefore, important that governors visit the Academy to absorb the culture and ethos.

I am, therefore, writing to invite you to submit a nomination to fill the above-mentioned vacancy. A nomination form is attached and it should be completed and returned to the Academy (either electronically to or to reception) by 4.00 pm on Monday 9 May 2022.

Nominations must be from parents/carers with children at the Academy on the day that nominations close. Parents/carers putting their names forward are invited to provide some brief biographical details suitable for inclusion in the ballot paper. Parents who have paid employment in the Academy for 500 hours per academic year or more or who are elected members of the Local Authority are not eligible to stand in these elections.

If there are more nominations than vacancies the election will be by secret ballot. If that is necessary, voting papers will be sent to all parents/carers, together with details of the ballot procedure.

The enclosed sheet summarises the qualifications required to serve as a governor. Anyone standing for election must certify that he/she is not disqualified for any reason. It is standard practice for the successful candidate to be required to apply through the Academy to the Essex County Council Disclosure Unit regarding their suitability to have access to children and young people and they will not be able to take up their appointment until clearance has been received.

Yours sincerely

Mrs G McLaughlin


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