Past Events

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South Essex Beauty Studies Course Talk

‘At the beginning of the year we got told that we will have an online meeting with south essex college on hair and beauty courses. We got to find out what grades we need for different levels of the course. We also found out about the different things we would learn and do throughout the course.’ - Natalia Handreek Year 11

South Essex Science Taster Day

‘It was generally comprehensive and included several intriguing tasks that really forced us to make thoughtful judgements and careful measurements in order to arrive at the solutions.’ – Mahmud Rahman Year 11

Mini Next Steps Event   


next steps (002)

Assembly on routes into the Army

‘The event went well, the PowerPoint and visuals were interesting and hearing from how the army has helped people to be disciplined and respectful.’ – Michael Opoku-Agyemang Year 10

‘It was very informative and it is helping me decide which I would like to do after I graduate from secondary’ – Alfie Dawson Year 11