The Governors are responsible for policy and strategy and the Head of School is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school and ensuring that the policy and strategy agreed by the Governors is implemented. The Governing Body has a large number of legal responsibilities and amongst these are ensuring that the National Curriculum is properly delivered, arranging for religious education to be carried out, deciding how to spend the delegated budget and approving the many different school policies, such as those referring to discipline and behaviour and health and safety.

In this section of the website you can find out who the Governors of our school are:

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Governor Name Category of Governor Body Appointing Key Responsibilities  Term of Office Expires
Paul Connew Community Scrutiny committee   03.10.2025
Chris Coles Community Scrutiny committee   03.10.2025
Hilary Hodgson Community Scrutiny committee   03.10.2025
Jessica Bruce Staff Elected   12.10.2025
Grainne McLaughlin Head of School Ex Officio    
Kevin Sadler CEO Ex Officio    
Viki Reid Deputy CEO Ex Officio    

The GLC Board of Directors has an overarching responsibility for governance at each GLC Academy. It has decided that outcomes for children at the Gateway Academy should be monitored through a progress board which acts as a sub-committee of the GLC board, meeting on a monthly basis and reporting periodicaly back to the board.  

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Governor register of interests Jan 2022

Name of Governor NIL RETURN (if applicable) Name of Organisation Nature of Interest Commencement of term in office Date of signature Date interest ceased Notes
Paul Connew     Director/Shareholder Advisor Alliance Ltd/Member for Emmerson Park Academy and Governor Ormiston Park Academy 03.10.21 03.10.21    
Chris Coles NIL     03.10.21 06.12.21    
Hilary Hodgson NIL     03.10.21 04.10.21    
Jessica Bruce NIL     12.10.21 01.11.21    
Grainne McLaughlin NIL     03.10.21 04.10.21    
Kevin Sadler NIL     03.10.21 04.10.21    
Viki Reid NIL     03.10.21 04.10.21    

Attendance Record for Academic Years 2020-21 and 2021-22 for Full Governing Body Meetings

Attendance 2021-22
  04.10.21 13.01.22 25.04.22
Paul Connew Yes Yes Yes
Chris Coles Yes Yes Yes
Hilary Hodgson No No No
Jessica Bruce   Yes Yes
Grainne McLaughlin Yes Yes Yes
Kevin Sadler Yes Yes Yes
Viki Reid Yes Yes Yes