Letters Home 2021-22

Name Date File Size  
Academic Tutoring March '22 14th March 2022235 KB  Download
April '22 Letter Home 24th April 2022410 KB  Download
Bulletin December 6th 7th December 20212 MB  Download
COVID Community Provision 1st December 2021106 KB  Download
Covid Consent Form 27th September 20211 MB  Download
Covid Consent JAN '22 25th January 2022416 KB  Download
Covid Contingency Plan Jan '22 11th January 2022347 KB  Download
COVID Winter Holiday Vaccination Provision 16th December 2021306 KB  Download
COVID-19 Parent Letter 20th September 202134 KB  Download
COVID-19 Young people and vaccines Toolkit 18th November 20211 MB  Download
Cross Country November 2021 8th November 2021294 KB  Download
Current Local Job Vacancies 9th December 2021124 KB  Download
Dance Show '22 Rehearsals 24th April 2022328 KB  Download
Docklands Trip 25th May 2022300 KB  Download
Easter School 14th March 2022283 KB  Download
End of Summer Term 13th July 2022265 KB  Download
Essex Boccia Competition 13th May 2022453 KB  Download
Evolve After School Clubs letter 17th November 2021166 KB  Download
First Site Art Trip 12th January 2022269 KB  Download
First Site Trip 18th July 13th July 2022263 KB  Download
First Site Trip 19th July 13th July 2022174 KB  Download
Future Youth Zone Trip 24th June 2022301 KB  Download
Games Night 21st March 2022326 KB  Download
Get Up, Stand Up Trip 23rd March 2022341 KB  Download
Graduation 2022 29th April 2022536 KB  Download
Immunisation Letter 11th November 2021399 KB  Download
January 2022 Letter 4th January 2022224 KB  Download
KS4 English Intervention Letter 9th September 2021  Download
KS4 Jekyll & Hyde Letter 10th December 2021319 KB  Download
Laptops for Year 7s 12th September 2021168 KB  Download
Letter - Parents and Carers - Covid Update - 23 November 2021 - Years 8, 9 and 10 Students 24th November 2021240 KB  Download
Letter - Parents and Carers - Covid Update - 24 November 2021 - Year 7 students 24th November 2021191 KB  Download
Letter - Parents and Carers - Covid Update for Year 11 Students - November 2021 22nd November 2021204 KB  Download
Letter - Parents and Carers - Covid Update for Years 7-10 - 22 November 2021 22nd November 2021235 KB  Download
Letter to Parents 7/12/21 7th December 2021124 KB  Download
Library Revamp Letter 9th September 2021  Download
MacBeth Trip 26th April 2022239 KB  Download
Mobile Phone Policy Jul '22 19th May 2022329 KB  Download
Move It Dance Convention 10th November 2021293 KB  Download
Nearly New Request 1st February 2022269 KB  Download
Palmers Taster Day 8th December 2021292 KB  Download
Parent's/Carers Letter 15th October 15th October 2021549 KB  Download
Parental Calendar 20th June 2022243 KB  Download
Parents and Carers - 1st October 1st October 2021192 KB  Download
Parents/Carers Letter - Covid-19 Update November 2021 17th November 2021202 KB  Download
PWP Invite 9th May 2022329 KB  Download
Queen's Platnium Jubilee 14th October 2021158 KB  Download
RSE Letter to Parents and Carers 2nd February 2022284 KB  Download
South Essex College Science Taster Day 3rd December 2021288 KB  Download
Stubbers Letter 29th March 2022373 KB  Download
Summer School 2022 13th June 2022273 KB  Download
The Brilliant Tutoring Programme 21st April 2022311 KB  Download
The Crisis in Ukraine 1st March 2022237 KB  Download
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime Trip 1st February 2022350 KB  Download
Updated COVID Protocols 1st November 2021178 KB  Download
Wagamamma trip 10th March 2022314 KB  Download
Welcome Back Letter Sept '21 8th September 2021202 KB  Download
Welcome Letter 7th March 2022605 KB  Download
Year 10 - Trip to Docklands 11th July 2022306 KB  Download
Year 10 Maths Enrichment Day 7th January 2022294 KB  Download
Year 11 Parents Eve Nov 21 1st November 2021243 KB  Download
Year 11 Revision Timetable 13th May 2022259 KB  Download
Year 6-7 Transition 24th June 2022298 KB  Download
Year 8 Parents Evening 17th March 9th March 2022285 KB  Download
Yr 10 trip First Site 18th July 2022 13th July 2022  Download
Yr 10 trip First Site 19th July 2022 13th July 2022  Download