The Academy believes that relevant, engaging and well-managed homework supports learners. It provides an opportunity to extend learning beyond the classroom, which strengthens and consolidates learning. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity for students to be creative and thoughtful in their response to ideas covered in class and take part in a dialogue with their parents/carers about their learning.

At The Gateway Academy we encourage students to develop the skills of managing their time and meeting deadlines. We are passionate about homework and are determined to engage parents and carers in a transparent way.

The time required for each subject will vary according to the student’s age and the nature of the work being undertaken. It should be noted that, in addition to writing, homework might involve reading, learning, observing, interviewing, researching, experimenting or any other learning skill.

Homework is set by each Faculty and follows an individual Faculty Policy as to the frequency, type or timescale to be taken to complete. Homework is monitored and marked by staff. Parents/carers are encouraged to check the quality of homework being completed and engage with their child and the Academy as appropriate.

Homework clubs are organised throughout the week during breaks, lunchtimes and after school to provide support and guidance for students.