Options 2021

Welcome to the option process for year 8 2021.  Please ensure that you have watched the introduction video at the bottom of this page or here which will explain the process and timeframes

Below you will find video links to all subjects in which our staff and student will explain more about the courses which are available for students to opt for this year.   These videos help to explain what is taught, what to expend, how they are examined along with where they can help to lead students in their future careers.

On Thursday 22nd April between 4pm and 7pm there will also be live zoom sessions available for you to attend if you choose allowing you to speak directly to our staff and ask any questions you may have. Please follow this link for the range of meetings available.

Options Booklet 2021-24-page-0Download Options guide here


Art Business Studies
Child Development CS & Ci
Dance Drama
Design Tech Food Tech
Geography Health social care
History MFL
Music PE
Performing Arts Photography
Psychology RS