Year 10 Work Experience

Monday 22 June to Friday 3 July 2015 (two weeks)

Key Dates

Return of own placement form for students that have found their own placement

Friday Monday 9 February 2015

Issue of Forms confirming placement

Approximately week commencing Monday 27 April 2015. These forms arrive at different dates. They are to be completed by parent, student and employer and returned to me ASAP. When students receive this form they can arrange interviews/contact with employer

Health and Safety assembly

Wednesday 17 June 2015 at 8.25am

Students commence block placements

Monday 22 June 2015

Download the latest information and letter here.

What is Work Experience?

Work Experience is an essential part of Year 10 and forms an element of the Work Related Learning that students undertake at Key Stage 4.  It has been proved to help student’s personal and social development, as well as develop key skills in a work environment, thus improving chances of employment.

When will Work Experience take place?

The work experience will take place from Monday 22 June 2015 until Friday 3 July 2015 inclusive and it is mandatory that all Year 10 students take part.  During this period of time there will be no Year 10 lessons at The Gateway Academy. 

Any parental non-compliance with the programme resulting in an inability to place a student, or extended non-attendance at the work placement without a valid doctor’s certificate, will be recorded as unauthorised absence and will be reported directly to the Education Welfare Service.   Please be aware that if the student fails their placement or wishes to change their selection, the Parent/Carer will be required to pay the fee of £45, this is non-negotiable.

All other costs for work experience are met by The Gateway Academy hence making the student's selection choice so important. Should the student wish to take on a placement out of the County there would most likely be a charge to parents for this which at the time of writing stands at £55 for an out of area Health and Safety check.

What happens now?

The work experience co-ordinator will be working very closely with the Year 10 students to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible and will be keeping them informed every step of the way.   All Year 10 students will also attend an assembly which will explain the importance of work experience and some more information about the process.

What if my child can find their own placement?

Each year a significant number of our students opt to find their own work experience placement.  This could be somewhere they really would like to work and have taken the initiative to approach the employer directly. Sometimes they have friends or family members who have offered them work experience at their company/place of work. These placements are usually the most successful as the students are so keen to attend.   The employer will need to have Employer Liability Insurance and meet required Health and Safety standards.   No student will be placed within a company where a Health and Safety visit has not been completed or where a Health and Safety visit has failed.

In order for the student to find their own placement they will need an 'Own Placement Form'Please see the work experience department should you require a form.

Please do not hesitate to contact the work experience co-ordinator, Miss Gray by the following methods:

Email:  Work Experience Co-ordinator

Telephone:  01375 489000 ext 215 or 07506 715183