Work Experience (Year 10)

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June 2019

Dear Parent/Carer

Year 10 Work Experience 2019

I am writing to provide you with final details concerning work experience, and some advice for students taking part. Please accept my apology for the length of this letter, but I am sure that you would prefer to be fully informed about the arrangements.

For a number of reasons, this year, some students have not secured placements – these students will be expected to attend school.

The block work experience will take place from Monday 24 June 2019 until Friday 05 July 2019. Therefore, students on work experience will return to the Academy on Monday 8 July 2019.

We recognise that all parents want their children to have the best possible experience when they go out on placement so we have prepared some "Advice to Students" on the reverse of this letter. Please support your child by insisting that you spend time going through this advice with them. Students are often reluctant to do this, as they feel that they can cope with any situation. However, experience shows us that this is not always the case and a well prepared student can usually manage issues at work much more effectively. For any questions you or your child may have, please do not hesitate to contact me.

For most students, work experience is extremely rewarding in terms of their own development, if not always as enjoyable as they would hope. However, any work experience is valuable work experience. Therefore, it is important for you to stress to your child the value of this experience even if only for two weeks. They may face particular challenges and have to perform outside their normal comfort zone. These are skills that will be invaluable in developing the tenacity and resilience for later life. Success during work experience will clearly reflect a student’s individual determination, character and personal qualities. It often contributes to references in year 11 and beyond

. Students completing the work experience will receive a work experience certificate; this can be used as evidence for job, apprenticeship, training, college and university applications.

You need to be aware that student attendance at the work experience placement, and all associated travel costs for the student, are your responsibility. Should a student need to leave the work placement for any reason during the working day it is your responsibility to ensure that the student has been given adequate means of emergency contact and adequate means for travelling home. The Academy will not be able to arrange transport for your child.

During the two week work experience period all employers will be contacted and students will be visited by a member of the Academy staff on at least one occasion. The visit will help to assess student progress and perhaps address any concerns the student may have. An attendance check will also be completed.

Should a student feel that they need an urgent visit at any time, to resolve an issue or for support, please contact me at the Academy, and I will be happy to arrange this.

I am aware that occasionally there are circumstances requiring absence from the placement. As such, I must make you aware of the following absence arrangements:

  • Work experience employers and the Academy must be contacted by the parent on the first day, and all subsequent days, of any authorised absence from the work placement.

  • Authorised absence for sickness, longer than one working week, must be supported by a doctor’s certificate, as is required in employment.
  • Any requests for authorised absence on compassionate grounds should be directed to Frank – Personal Careers Adviser here at the Academy.

Please note that any student removed or dismissed from, or failing to attend their work experience placement without an authorised reason must attend the Academy on the next school day. Failure to attend will be dealt with as an unauthorised absence and will result in the involvement of the Attendance Team.

If a problem does arise at work the student should try to sort it out with the supervisor or manager in the first place. Through discussion, most things can be sorted out very quickly and easily. Students should not just walk out of their work placement; if they do, they are likely to be dismissed. Follow the advice given in the "Advice to Students". If a situation remains unresolved, please contact Frank at the Academy so that we can assist in working out the problem.

If an emergency in the workplace requires a student to leave the premises the student must follow the procedure below:


If it is an emergency situation that requires the attendance of the emergency services, they should be contacted immediately by telephoning 999.

  • Students must follow the employer’s emergency procedures at all times.
  • Students must always inform their workplace supervisor before leaving, for health and safety reasons.
  • If the emergency occurs during school hours the student, or parent, must contact me at the Academy without delay.
  • If the emergency occurs outside school hours the student, or parent, must contact me at the Academy as soon as possible the next school day.



w/e 21 June 2019




Health and Safety Assembly and Work Experience Log book given to students.

Monday 24 June 2019




Work experience commences.

Friday 05 July 2019




Work experience ends.

Monday 08 July 2019




Students return to school.


I would like to thank all students and parents for your patience and help this year whilst arranging the placements and I would like to pass on my very best wishes to every student for a successful work experience. This is a very exciting and important time for our year 10 students and we have had numerous success stories from previous work placements. In the past students have been offered extended placements or apprenticeships upon leaving school or part time work when they reach their sixteenth birthday, some have even had offers of a full time job on leaving school. We understand that for some students going out to work for the first time can be a daunting and frightening prospect and we would like all students to be aware that staff, experienced in assisting them in the whole process, will be on hand for them every step of the way to offer support and guidance.

Each student will be given a work experience log book with information on preparation and Health and Safety. The log book can also be used as a record of the skills developed and has a section for the employer to complete an assessment at the end of the placement. This recorded assessment can be very useful for demonstrating competence at future interviews. Please go through the log book with them and encourage them to complete it.

Please speak to your son/daughter before work experience to ensure they are prepared and organized for the following :

1. How will they travel there? What are the times for public transport to arrive on time? Take ID to ensure they are not charged full fare ( e.g. passport or school ID badge plus a copy of birth certificate – photos of these on their phones will do)

  • What should they wear?
  • Will they need money for lunch or take a packed lunch?
  • Start and finish time?
  • What time will they need to get up and what time to leave home?
  • What is the name of the supervisor and contact details?
  • Have they been given their work experience log book to help them and to fill out whilst on the work placement?

Some of these questions may be worth asking the employer when contacting / attending interview.

Should you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact me here at the Academy.


Yours sincerely


Frank Thompson

Personal Careers Adviser

Advice to Students

Frequently Identified Problems - Things that can go wrong during work experience that can often be easily resolved:

If the work is outside the job description, or for any valid reason (e.g. Health & Safety), you feel that you should not be doing the work, you should approach your supervisor in the first instance with your concerns. Remember though, if you have not disclosed a medical condition that prevents you doing the job, it is not the employer’s fault.

If you feel that you are genuinely being picked on, or bullied, then speak to your supervisor, or manager, in the first instance.

It is vital, however, that your concerns have some substance.

Sometimes, as you are the new person in the workplace, you may be teased. If you are, try to deal with this in an adult way and try not to get upset. By showing that you are able to take a joke in a good natured way that will usually be the end of it and you will be more readily accepted as part of the ‘team’. However, should you feel that any pranks are excessive, dangerous, discriminatory or totally inappropriate then you must speak to your supervisor, or manager.

    • I don’t want to do the work I’m being asked to do.
    • If the work clearly falls within the job description ( if given one ) then you will be expected to do it. You may wish to try to negotiate a change of tasks, but if the employer insists that you complete the work, as in the job description, you will have to stick at it. After all, we can’t always choose to only do what we want to do.
    • I’m bored at work.
    • Some jobs are very boring, others less so. Repetitive jobs are often boring and sometimes you may not be given enough work to do. Unfortunately, you need to stick at it. Try to show some initiative and ask your supervisor for more work, or different tasks. Ask for boring tasks to be split up throughout the day. Sticking it out will be a measure of your personal character and determination. All jobs have some tasks that are boring – even mine!!
    • I don’t understand what I’m supposed to be doing.
    • You might find that you’re being asked to do things that you’ve never done before and you’re not sure of what to do. If this is the case then ask. Sometimes supervisors might assume that you understand how to do something that they take for granted. If in doubt ask, and keep asking until you’re sure. Your employer will prefer you to do this rather than make mistakes.
    • My supervisor has asked me to do a job that I’m not confident to do.
    • There is a first time for everything. What is important is that you receive the correct support. Ask to be shown how to do the task and if possible ask for a demonstration. Ask to practice, and remember your supervisor must be confident in your ability to do the job, otherwise you wouldn’t have been asked.
    • I don’t get on with the people I work with.
    • We can’t always choose who we work with. What is important is that you do the work to the best of your ability and follow the instructions from your supervisor. You may then be able to negotiate a change. Remember, going to work is not meant to be an opportunity for you to socialise and just have fun. So don’t expect to.
    • I got a warning about my conduct at work.
    • If you have done something wrong that clearly breaches the employer’s rules, including attendance and punctuality, then accept the warning, apologise and be constructive in the way you deal with it and learn from it. Do not start to argue, be unco-operative, or abusive. If you do, you will be dismissed. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly discuss it calmly and try to resolve it with your supervisor or manager initially.

Remember, simple things like politeness and courtesy are really important. Your commitment and positive attitude during this time is crucial as this will be noted, along with attendance and punctuality, by the employer and the Academy and will reflect both on you and the Academy and could affect work placements for future year 10s.


Work Experience - Monday 24 June to Friday 5 July 2019 (two weeks)

What is Work Experience?

Work Experience is an essential part of Year 10 and forms an element of the Work Related Learning that students undertake at Key Stage 4.  It has been proven that work experience assists with the student’s personal and social development, as well as develop key skills in a work environment, thus improving chances of employment. 

When will Work Experience take place?

Work experience will take place from Monday 24 June until Friday 5 July 2019 inclusive and it is mandatory that all Year 10 students take part.

What happens now?

We will be working very closely with the Year 10 students to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible and will be keeping them informed every step of the way.   All Year 10 students will also attend an assembly which will explain the importance of work experience and some more information about the process.

Encouragement to find own placement

Students find their own work experience placement.  Our careers advisor, Frank Thompson, has a list of over 200 placements that have previously been offered. This list is displayed outside room 4-212 (outside the library) to help students find a placement.

It is down to the student (with the help of Frank, if needed) to find a suitable placement. When looking for a suitable placement it could be somewhere they really would like to work and have taken the initiative to approach the employer directly or sometimes students may have friends or family members who have offered them work experience at their company/place of work. These placements are usually the most successful as the students are so keen to attend.

Employers need to have Employer’s Liability Insurance and meet required Health and Safety standards. However, should a self-employed or small employer not have the necessary insurance, it may be possible for the placement to take place if the student’s parents/carers sign a disclaimer.

Please do not hesitate to contact Frank in one of the following ways:

Mob: 07823 326024


Placement Form

Please click on the link below for a list of employers who have previously offered work placements – for their contact details or more information, please see Frank.

Year 10 Work Experience: Potential Work Placements

Year 10 Work Experience - Presentation