New PE Kit

PDF Version here


Students will be met at a timetabled classroom by their teacher where they will be registered and they will leave their bags and the door will be locked.  They will then be taken to their designated teaching spaces.


As things stand, PE and Dance lessons will continue in the same format where students will be expected to wear their kit into school all day for their lessons.  After half term, there will be slightly altered expectations regarding kit; these are shown below.


The following points are to be followed with regards to what we class as satisfactory PE kit:

  • T-shirt:

    • Gateway Academy PE t-shirt.

    • Other sport style top as plain as possible, with minimal branding – colour black/navy blue.

    • No crop tops.

  • Bottoms:

    • Gateway Academy shorts.

    • Plain shorts – not tight cycling shorts or inappropriate shorts.

    • Jogging bottoms as plain as possible, with minimal branding – colour black/navy blue.

    • Sports leggings (these must be sport leggings and not fashion leggings from high street shops) – colour black/navy blue.

  • Trainers:

    • Sports trainers.


  • Long sleeve top:

    • Gateway Academy rugby top.

    • Plain sports top with minimal branding – colour black/navy blue.

    • Gateway Academy jumper which can be purchased from Kitlocker (link on website – Student Zone > New PE Kit > Link.




If students arrive to school in clothing we feel is inappropriate and not adhere to the guidance stated above, students will be asked to go home to change.


We understand that some students may have PE two days in a row, particularly GCSE students and this is why we have eased the rules on what we class as normal PE kit.  However, once the Academy returns to normal and we have use of the changing rooms again then we will expect all students to resort to the full Gateway Academy PE kit.


Students who forget to wear PE kit to school will still be expected to participate in lessons in a supportive role.  There will still be sanctions in place for students as there would be if they were to forget kit in a normal situation.