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More Able at the Gateway Academy (formerly known as Gifted & Talented)

At the Gateway Academy, we recognise that every student in our care is unique and bring with them a diverse range of intelligence and abilities. We promote a curriculum that reflects the needs of all our students, including those who are More Able.

We identify students from primary school transitional data and compile a register of those students. This is made available to all members of staff who plan for those students in their lessons. We look at strategies to ensure we are providing our students with the opportunities they need to progress within our Academy.

We strive to develop students’ abilities to enable them to be independent learners but also give them sufficient support to avoid putting them under intense pressure.

What do we mean by differentiating?

Differentiating is the process by which the abilities of our students are accommodated through teacher planning and resources in order that all students in the class have the best possible chance of learning at their specific level. Our More Able students need additional challenge using higher order questioning and extension activities.

We would welcome any suggestions from parents or carers of our More Able students and you can contact us by telephone or email, click here for contact.




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