Ofsted Portal

Annex 1:  Evidence Directory [please see Ofsted Inspectors’ Portal] on the Gateway Academy website


Evidence 1            Data Pack

                                             2018 attainment outcomes

                                             2018 progress outcomes

                                             3-year trends

                                             2018 attainment outcomes of students with attendance >95%

                                             Attainment for the current Year 11

                                             Progress data from starting points years 7 – 11

Evidence 2            Gateway Academy 2018-19 Development Plan

Evidence 3            Faculty Development Plans

Evidence 4            Gateway Academy Progress Board Minutes

Evidence 4a          GLC Board of Director Minutes

Evidence 5            GLC Subject Review Reports

Evidence 6            Inclusion Quality Mark Review Report

Evidence 7            Consultant Reports

Evidence 8            Attendance Summary 2018-19 and Current Data

Evidence 9            Parental Surveys

Evidence 10          Academy’s ‘Ofsted’ Summary Grades [for qualifying teachers October ’18 [see PM Policy]

Evidence 11          Anonymised Performance Management Objectives

Evidence 12          Year 6 / 7 Transition Evaluation

Evidence 13          Behaviour Management Case Studies

Evidence 14          Mental Health Case Studies

Evidence 15          Post-16 Destinations Report

Evidence 16          Student Leadership Evaluation Report

Evidence 17          PAD Curriculum

Evidence 18          Policy Pack

Evidence 19          CPD Plan and Evaluations

Evidence 20          Exemplars of Effective Marking

Evidence 21          CIEG Report


Witness 1              Head of Faculty [regarding the impact of the new Behaviour Policy]

Witness 2              Mental Health Lead: Gemma Fitzgerald [regarding the impact of the mental health strategy]

Witness 3              DSL: Nathan Hunnisett [regarding Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy]

Witness 4              Data Lead: Richard Heighway