Teacher for Learning Ambassador's Role

  • To fully ‘know and understand’ teaching for learning
  • To raise standards of teaching for learning
  • To support staff with their areas for development
  • Share good practice
  • Create a buzz within your teams for Teaching for Learning. Embed the ‘Wow’ factor
  • To work with other ambassadors on research projects
  • To be part of the MOL team – obs, marking scrutiny, blinks, learning walks
  • Pedagogical research - Research new strategies and ideas for your teams and the whole Academy.
  • To work with other ambassadors on research projects
  • To lead CPD at a subject level, whole Academy and cross phase levels
  • To work with other staff on improving standards Years 4-11
  • To visit other schools to bring back good ideas to implement


Staff member

PE Abbey Shannon & Joe Flower
Science Ellie Huxtable, James Emblem & Caroline Chibanda
English Jeff Pedley, Ann-Marie Hickey, Karen Brennan
Maths Kim Hardey, Danny Hill, Jodie Thomas, & Sally Read
Technology Billy Lovelock
Humanities Nigel Concannon &  Emma Cecil
IT, Computer Science & Business Phil Jacob
Inclusion Sue Balmer, Eloise Warren & Helen Tasker
Performing Arts TBC