Masterclasses 2016-17

CPD Masterclasses 2016 – 2017

The aim of the masterclasses is to maximise the impact of learning support assistants in the classroom, and in interventions.

Each session will be led by DZE, with input from SCS, JSN, CHE and JSH where appropriate. All Thursday sessions are 1:45pm – 2:35pm in The Hub.




Desired outcome

Thursday 21 July

The LSA Toolkit

Explaining the range of resources which each LSA is expected to have and use each lesson

All LSAs understand which resources to use and when, and the impact those resources will have on pupils’ progress

Monday 5 September

Completing a summary record

Updating the SEND dashboard

How to maintain outstanding records of support

How to update the SEND dashboard to reflect the records which are being maintained in lessons

All LSAs can keep outstanding records of their support, according to the support strategy pro-formas

The SEND dashboard is updated half termly by all LSAs so that there is an up to date record of support strategies in place. Teaching staff will be able to identify key areas of success for subsequent use in lessons

Thursday 22 September

Advancing questioning

Providing the support aids to enable more advanced thinking

All LSAs have the techniques to enable questioning beyond the what / who / when / where

Thursday 6 October

Deep questioning

Use of Bloom’s to ensure all levels are experienced by all students (link to Ask It)

All LSAs have the language to be able to ask deep questioning and that students’ responses reflect the upper tiers of taxonomy

Thursday 3 November

Adapting and amending lessons plans

To pick out the points of a lesson plan which can be differentiated further to meet the needs of all SEND students

LSAs are able to identify the components of a lesson and are agile in their responses to meet the needs of all SEND students

Thursday 17 November

Interventions – looking for impact measures

Being aware of pre- and post-assessments, what impact measures are we looking for

All LSAs know where the intervention and assessment records are kept, how to interpret them and how to identify in class where the impact can be seen as a result of those interventions

Thursday 1 December

Language for Learning

To understand the strategies which can be put in place to support students with speech, language and communication needs

All LSAs can identify the appropriate and relevant strategy to implement with identified students where communication and interaction is the primary need

Thursday 15 December

Maximising Learning

How the LSA can utilise all the strategies from the masterclasses to ensure that learning is maximised at every opportunity

All LSAs are able to identify opportunities to employ the appropriate technique to support teaching and learning

Thursday 12 January

Independence and advocacy

How a student can move towards greater independence in a learning environment

All LSAs will be able to know how and when to facilitate a growth in independent learning.

Thursday 26 January

Meaningful feedback

How verbal and non-verbal feedback can help to support learning

All LSAs will be able to put in place feedback to students in order to support teacher, peer and self assessment. This will be achieved through the deployment of a range of techniques both in and out of the classroom.