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The Gateway Academy is currently building a real life-size plane, a Rans s6-es, and we would like to tell you some information about how we made it, as well as the mistakes, the fun days and the bad days, and what we went through to get where we are now.

People decided to help out and we would like to give them some credit for their help and support:

  • Aidan
  • Anthony
  • Cerys
  • Mr Ian Richmond

We also had the pleasure of a professional coming to our school to support and help us, his name is Stewart Luck and he is a member of the LAA; the LAA stands for Light Aircraft Association.

So far our plane has many areas that is almost complete, for example, the tail is close to completion, the seats are fully completed but we still have lots more to build. We need to start/complete the ailerons (a-ler-ons), the landing gear needs to be completed and so much more!

An example of our good days was when we finished the seats, it took roughly four hours due to our deep concentration on the job in hand. We would like to thank everyone for participating in different areas of what we have completed and almost completed so far. However, we have had some rubbish days when the rivet gun was playing up and when we accidently put the top right longeron on the wrong way round! Even though we had some mistakes, we have learned from them and corrected them.

Our equipment did go wrong sometimes, like the rivet gun but we got it fixed and we carried on with the project. Our good and bad days have resulted in us having an amazing time whilst we have been building this majestic plane which is still in progress.

Watch this space for more information as our project builds.

Yours sincerely
The Gateway Academy ‘Build a Plane’ students