Additional Learning Programme of Support (ALPs)

Additional Learning Programme of Support – 'ALPs' exclusively for every Year 11 student. 

These sessions run from 2.35pm until 3.35pm every weekday with the exception of Wednesdays.  Students must commit to taking part in ALL additional hours of learning every week in their subject areas, as this is a key component to success and it is extremely important that your child attends.  If, for any reason, your child is unable to attend an ALPs session, I would ask that you let their ALPs teacher know as soon as possible.  If a student fails to attend ALPs they will be set a double ALPs session on the following day.  Repeated failure will result in a sanction of a two hour detention.

Extended Progress Periods (EPPs)

Extended Progress Periods (EPPS) have been introduced across the Academy to increase the learning time for the students who are not reaching their full potential every lesson. Students who are not progressing at the rate that they are capable of will be given the intervention of an EPP to support in their learning to help them achieve what they should be.

If a student falls into one of the 6 categories below, then an EPP will be issued:

  1. The student’s work has not met the quantity or quality expected.
  2. The student has not fully understood a particular concept or theory or has not understood significant chunks of the lesson.
  3. The student was significantly late for the lesson and therefore missed key parts of the lesson.
  4. The student’s attitude towards learning did not meet the expectation and this affected their ability to learn effectively in the lesson.
  5. The student’s attitude has negatively impacted on the learning taking place in the classroom.
  6. Insufficient or incomplete homework (this is the only EPP you can request more than 5 students for).

That student will be required to return to their teacher from where the EPP was issued at the end of that day, for 30 minutes. If an EPP was issued before 12.15pm then students will complete it that afternoon. If it is after this time then it will roll over to the next day. Parents will be sent a text to let them know of their son/daughter's EPPs that evening.

More information can be found here.