Additional Learning Programme of Support (ALPs)

Additional Learning Programme of Support – 'ALPs' exclusively for every Year 11 student. 

These sessions run from 2.40pm until 3.40pm every weekday with the exception of Wednesdays.  Students must commit to taking part in ALL additional hours of learning every week in their subject areas, as this is a key component to success and it is extremely important that your child attends.  If, for any reason, your child is unable to attend an ALPs session, I would ask that you let their ALPs teacher know as soon as possible.  If a student fails to attend ALPs they will be set a double ALPs session on the following day.  Repeated failure will result in a sanction of a two hour detention.

ALPS Extra- Curricular Poster 2020 Feb (003)

To view the 2019-20 ALPS timetable please click here.