Big Brother Diary Room

GA Big Brother Room 0

The Student Leadership team recently officially opened their ‘BIG BROTHER DIARY ROOM’, located behind the reception area.

Four students; Georgia, Ashleigh, Fahima and Willow, worked over 250 hours designing and hand-drawing the intricate detail on the walls within the room, making it a very special place for all students in the academy to come and share their ideas and opinions on key topics in the Academy.

The room is open every day during lunchtime from 12:45-1:35. Students can come along and record their views based on fortnightly questions, or just add their ideas about things they would like to see change in order to further ‘Improve upon our best’ at the Academy. The space will also be used for Student Leadership support and mentoring groups. The Student Leadership team are excited about the project and cannot wait to hear what students at the Gateway Academy have to share!

Miss Megan Koprash, Student Leadership Coordinator, said “It was an exciting afternoon when the girls cut the ribbon and had their first few customers from Phoenix College who shared their vision for the Academy. I am extremely grateful to the girls for their time, dedication and contribution to this project. I couldn’t be more proud that these four talented young ladies who have left such a profound mark and impact on the Academy!”