Thurrock's Next Top Boss 2016

GA Next Top Boss

GA Next Top Boss1

This year, Student Leadership representatives entered the ever-growing and very challenging Thurrock’s Next Top Boss competition.

The students were honoured and excited to pair up with Intu-Lakeside, hosted and mentored by Mr Marc Myers, General Manager. The students were awe struck when Marc entered Gateway for the first time and shared his business acumen and his knowledge about sales.

It was inspiring to see such an important leader in our community take time to engage and support our young people. The students stepped up with maturity and seemed to impress Marc with their ideas, passion and motivation to create a dynamic Christmas Campaign for Intu-Lakeside.

Seven student leaders worked late into the evenings, during Saturdays and in the half term to create a website, business plan and video which features their ideas to promote and generate revenue for an ice rink, Christmas market and marketing ideas.

Ibtisam was in charge of organising the business plan, Precious was responsible for promotions, Jasleen took the lead on researching ideas for a successful German market while Megan and Charlie’s aim was to drive sales in terms of the ice rink. Emily contributed by producing a proposal for the use of social media to sell and share the event. But, there was one key student, as suggested by the group, who was the true leader for this project: Cumali. His skill with ICT shone as he pieced all ideas and concepts together into a website, working endless hours at home and at school. He kept the team on track in terms of time management for not only the Business Challenge but the Green Solution as well.

Cumali was not only recognised by his team but also by Marc Myers himself, with a special presentation for his outstanding contribution and overall leadership skills.

Student Leadership Coordinator, Miss Megan Koprash, said “This was an excellent opportunity to get involved with community business partners and we were honoured to work with Intu-Lakeside on such an important project. I would like to thank Marc and his team for their mentoring and trust. We are extremely proud of the students’ hard work, dedication and professionalism. Thurrock’s Next Top Boss has given them the opportunity to shine.”