Student Leadership Team



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Welcome from the Head Boy

“As head boy I feel it is my duty to be a role model for all years in the school and show the attributes our school strives for. With the support and help of our schools amazing teachers I believe it allows us to reach our highest potential and gives us the highest chance of success for the future. 

I aim to set an example and support all students with their school day to day lives, enabling all students in our school to have a voice and express their opinions on how to better our school.”

Reece Davis

Head Boy

Welcome from the Head Girl

“I believe as Head Girl my main responsibilities and aims are to care for and support my fellow peers, allowing them to feel comfortable in expressing their opinions and beliefs without judgement. 

The Gateway Academy strongly believes in equality and everyone having a voice , my role in the school is to reinforce this idea. Being Head Girl has taught me the qualities needed to be a leader and also a team player, I have embraced the fact that I have to be a role model for other peers and have learnt how diversity and difference adds great authenticity and quality to The Gateway Academy.”


Head girl



The student leadership is currently split into 2 teams:

The teaching for learning team: Through this team we aim to support teachers and help to improve the teaching and learning across our Academy.

“Being a part of the Student Leadership team, for me, is about being the positive change we want to see in the school. It's helped me gain skills for the future and helped make the academic environment brighter for so many people”
Emma- Year 10

Teaching for learning team

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Wellbeing Ambassadors

The wellbeing ambassadors aim to provide support to improve students wellbeing at school. They offer guidance and advice to their peers to help boost students’ self-confidence and mental health awareness. Wellbeing ambassadors also help to run charitable events throughout the school.

“I am delighted to be part of the student leadership team, we help to encourage the growth and confidence of all pupils across the school”

Frederick- Year 7

Wellbeing ambassador

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